Bowls Australia Photography By Paul A. Broben

2022 Australian Open: Day 14 wrap

by Lachlan Williams

The biggest Australian Open yet came to a thrilling close at Broadbeach on Friday, with history made and six champions crowned.

Men’s Singles

Bowls Australia Photography By Paul A. Broben

In a see-sawing battle for the ages, Aron Sherriff cemented himself as an Australian Open icon, winning a historic fourth singles title.

Sherriff met Birmingham-bound Right at Home Jackaroo Corey Wedlock in the men’s singles final in a match that lived up to the hype.

Sherriff opened the match with four shots, a lead that proved crucial throughout the game.

Wedlock was able to claw his way back to 4-4, with scores level a further three times in the final (8-8, 13-13 and 16-16).

With the game teetering on a knife’s edge, it was Sherriff who moved when it mattered most, scoring a three and a two on the final two ends to become the most prolific Australian Open singles winner.

Sherriff’s emotions were on display after the victory.

“I’m pretty emotional, it means a lot that one, I’m really proud,” he said.

Sherriff was also complimentary of his fellow finalist.

“(Corey) is my favourite player,” he said.

“It was awesome and he’s had a rough time recently with his old man passing. I’m really proud of his week and hope he gets the title he deserves in the future.”

Women’s pairs

Bowls Australia Photography By Paul A. Broben

The Australian Open women’s pairs title will head across the ditch to New Zealand after a memorable final win from Paris Baker and Olivia Bloomfield.

NZ duo Baker and Bloomfield, who represent Tonga and Niue respectively, took on Wendy Wilson (QLD) and Tris Doolan (VIC), with the Australian pair securing a 4-0 lead after the first two ends of the match.

They built on that start to lead by as much as five shots after seven ends, but it was Baker and Bloomfield who finished the stronger.

Having found the pace of the green, they were dominant in the back end of the game, conceding just two shots after the seventh end to win 23-10, closing the game two ends shorter than the 18 ends.

The victory adds to their bowls resume, with Baker already an under-25 world champion representing Tonga, and Bloomfield Niue set to represent Niue at her second Commonwealth Games at Birmingham.

Player of the tournament

Bowls Australia Photography By Paul A. Broben

After her singles and fours success on Thursday, Kelsey Cottrell secured back-to-back Australian Open player of the tournament honours, securing $1500 and a consecutive MVP title in the process.

Cottrell has been dominant throughout the event’s history, now with 10 Australian Open titles to her name.

Men’s fours

Bowls Australia Photography By Paul A. Broben

Carl Healey’s team jumped out of the blocks in the men’s fours final in the morning before holding off a strong finish to secure the title. 

Wayne Ruediger, Nathan Pedersen, Gary Kelly and Healey led by as much as nine shots in their final against Thor Shannon’s team, but Shannon’s side showed plenty of fight.

They managed to claw their way back to within two shots with two ends to play, but fell short 17-14.


Bowls Australia Photography By Paul A. Broben

The under-18 titles remain in the same hands as last year, with 2021 champions Joseph Clarke and Kate Argent-Bowden successful once again at Broadbeach.

Clarke did battle with Jack McShane in a hard fought contest. 

Last year’s junior boys winner trailed by as much as six shots at one point, but managed to fight his way back to 16-16, before closing out the match with five shots from the final two ends.

Argent-Bowden had a simpler path to victory, controlling from start to finish against up-and-coming 14-year-old Taylor De Greenlaw.

Argent-Bowden was barnstorming in her 21-3 victory, her second junior Australian Open title.

Over-60s men’s pairs

Bowls Australia Photography By Paul A. Broben

Ian Stone and Scott Franklin dropped just five ends in their over-60s men’s pairs final against Brendan Holy and Neville Brown to secure a 23-9 victory.

Stone and Franklin trailed just once in the match in the second end, but ran out the match stronger to bring home the coveted silverware.