A summer of Jack Attack in WA

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Jack Attack is heating up in Western Australia with plenty of clubs embracing the new faster format to attract new bowlers to their club Friday nights at the Quinns Rocks Bowls Club in Western Australia have never looked so good, with Jack Attack bowls drawing people to the club in droves.  

Jack Attack is a fast paced, shorten, fun version of bowls that is growing more and more popular around Australia.

When Quinns Rocks decided to run Jack Attack, the club appealed to its members to bring along family and friends to enjoy the wonderful new format of bowls, and it has certainly worked.  

Regional Bowls Manager Clive Adams says it’s great to see a green full of new participants laughing and enjoying the sport. 

“It’s great to see the club so vibrant, with people of all ages playing our great game”, said Clive Adams.  

“The club has embraced Jack Attack as a whole, with so many members helping to contribute to a great atmosphere and competition.”

Jack Attack Co-ordinators John and Dianne Dilley are on hand each week to make sure everything runs smoothly, however people simply arrive, grab some bowls and go out for a practice before games get underway.

Quinns Rocks runs a successful Corporate Bowls program on Thursday evenings, which in addition to Jack Attack and regular pennant competition, round out a wonderful offering for anyone interested in playing bowls.

The club, being a multi-sport club and boasting around 1300 members, offers plenty for its willing crowd, with many enjoying a great meal after their time on the green.  

Out in Ellenbrook at the Valley Bowling Club, Pat Wardell-Johnson is running a very successful Jack Attack program, in fact, it’s just completed its second season.  

Pat is an excellent organiser and is very popular amongst the participants who are flocking to the club each week, loving the new concept of fast-paced bowls. 

“Players have told me it’s the most enjoyable season of community bowls they have had”, Pat said. 

“They really enjoy the format”.

Jack Attack is perfectly suited as a family event, parents and their children can take part, often as part of a full family team.  

The relaxed atmosphere, while still providing that competitive edge for those looking for it, makes Jack Attack a great option.

Clubs are always looking for more members says Adams. 

“Whether it be Jack Attack or other formats of social bowls competitions, clubs need to get amongst the community and let them know what the club has to offer them.  

“People are looking for fun, entertaining activities, on a budget in terms of dollars and time, Jack Attack’s one hour format ticks plenty of those boxes.”

“With Mount Lawley, Osborne Park and Cambridge all recently signed up, and that’s just North of the River, the sky could be the limit for some of these Clubs.”

For more information about how you can run Jack Attack at your club, contact your local Regional Bowls Manager who will visit you to discuss the program.

Caption- Jack Attack is heating up this summer in Western Australia