Intentional Misrepresentation

What is IM?

IM is a type of integrity breach in Para sport. It happens when an athlete or athlete support personnel intentionally misleads or attempts to mislead any aspect of Classification.

What can IM look like?

  • Not giving full effort during Classification i.e., intentionally underperforming
  • Tampering with medical documentation
  • Not coming forward with changes to eligible impairment or diagnosis i.e. medical review
  • Not reporting IM leading to complicity. Having knowledge but not reporting can lead to consequences
  • Not cooperating with Classification and more

How can I report IM?

Paralympics Australia is the body that manages national level IM. You can report via any of PA’s three (3) channels:

Should you have a concern of international level IM this should be reported to either the IPC or International Federation.

Why is this important?

IM is a very serious offence that undermines the integrity of classification and Para-Sport. The consequences can include a sanction from sport, financial implications, stripping of medals or achievement and irreversible reputational damage.

Wellbeing support

We know reporting or having knowledge of issues like this can bring up a range of emotions and feelings. It’s important to use the support services available to you. Reach out to Bowls Australia’s Athlete Wellbeing team here (listed under High Performance).

Bowls Australia joins Paralympics Australia in protecting against IM in Para sport.