BA Affiliation and Eligibility to Play Policy: NSW

by Bowls Australia

Bowls Australia (BA) as received a number of enquiries recently from bowlers seeking clarification on their eligibility to play in both Bowls NSW Open Gender championship events and Women’s Bowls NSW championship events.

The BA Affiliation and Eligibility to Play Policy states that a player may be a member of multiple Clubs in more than one STA. Further, a player must declare only one (1) of those Clubs in one (1) STA as their Nominated Club for the purpose of playing in State Championship events conducted by an STA or BA during a bowling season.

A player may play Pennant in more than one (1) STA within the same bowling season. Playing in Pennant conducted by any STA shall not constitute a declaration of a player’s Nominated Club under this policy.

The Affiliation and Eligibility to Play Policy will be discussed at the BA Audit, Risk and Integrity committee meeting scheduled for 17th February 2020.

Should any STA wish the Committee to consider any amendment/s to this policy they should provide details of any amendment/s together with the rationale for change.

Such requests should be emailed to the CEO of BA by close of business on February 1st 2020.