BA continues focus on environmental sustainability

by Bowls Australia

What are we waiting for?

Bowls Australia (BA) takes an active interest in environmental sustainability and climate change, as the first Australian signatory of the United Nations’ Sports for Climate Action Framework, a member of Sport Environment Alliance and having this year released its Environmental Sustainability Strategy, and BA CEO Neil Dalrymple has prepared the following article after reviewing an important new report urging action in this important global issue.

The world’s peak authoritative body on climate science, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just released its latest report and calls on all policymakers to take urgent action on climate change. 

One of the key conclusions is that global warming will likely increase by 1.5C by approximately 2030, based on the current trajectory. 

The effects of rising temperatures include rising sea levels, longer fire seasons and worse droughts

The report is making headlines around the world, and the United Nations has referred to the situation as a “code red for humanity.”

This is undoubtedly a global problem, but we need to consider what collectively the sport of Bowls and the people in it are going to do about addressing the issue.

BA, along with other major sporting bodies and events, is playing a meaningful role in helping to protect the environment, today and for the future.

Changes to our climate are accelerating and BA have a responsibility to play our part, mitigating our own impacts, ensuring we are climate resilient for the future and using our influence to support this important cause.

This is not just because it is expected of us, but because it aligns with our values of Collaboration, Innovation, Customer Focus and Inclusiveness, and will leave a lasting and positive legacy for the benefit of members, partners and our local, national and international communities.

Our approach to the environment is just one aspect of BA’s capacity and responsibility to act as a force for good, delivering a positive and sustainable impact on our economy, society and the environment in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Bowls in Australia is one of the largest participation-based sports and BA’s vision is to engage all Australians in Bowls in their lifetime, and as such, we have a unique opportunity to utilise our platform to deliver sustainable outcomes in sport for the betterment of the globe and drive education through our participation. 

BA has recently developed an Environmental and Sustainability Strategy and as a signatory to the Sports for Climate Action Initiative developed by the UN, we endorse and plan to address the five key principles for participants to adhere to:

  • Undertake systematic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility.
  • Reduce overall climate impact.
  • Educate for climate action.
  • Promote sustainable and responsible consumption.
  • Advocate for climate action through communication.

Embracing and delivering our sustainability strategy ensures BA, the State and Territory Associations and member clubs have a framework to educate, inform and embrace change to ensure Bowls continues to remain vibrant in a rapidly changing climate. 

The sport of Bowls has a chance to become an industry leader in this field and to achieve our vision but we need to operate as a collective to implement change.

I invite you to review our strategy and additional information that can be found here:

The time has come for us to act on this important issue for future generations of our community, bowlers and bowls clubs across the country.

Neil Dalrymple

Chief Executive Officer

August 10, 2021