BA unveil Environmental Sustainability Strategy

by Aidan Davis on April 29, 2021

Bowls Australia (BA) has launched a new Environmental Sustainability Strategy, as part of the governing body’s current Strategic Plan, with a vision for the actions to be embraced and implemented across the whole of the sport.

As the first Australian sporting organisation to become a signatory of the United Nations’ Sports for Climate Action Framework, BA believes it is crucial for sporting organisations to recognise and respect the significant climatic changes Australia is currently experiencing and for each to do their part to ensure the longevity and sustainability of sport and our planet.

In developing the strategy, BA recognises it has a unique opportunity to effectively deliver this strategy by utilising its position and platforms to achieve sustainable outcomes for Bowls for the betterment of the globe and drive education through participation.

“It is imperative that all sports act as leaders in our communities to accelerate change in
behaviours around environmental sustainability,” BA CEO Neil Dalrymple said.

“It is hoped that by achieving its objectives BA is contributing as a national and global leader towards building a brighter and more sustainable future for the sport and the community as a whole.”

The strategy identifies five key actions that will be adopted to help deliver better environmental outcomes.

  1. ENGAGE IN ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES: BA to encourage the Bowls community to create awareness and get involved with environmental initiatives throughout the year. It will be important to promote success stories around these initiatives to build the profile of our commitment to Climate Change and showcase our sport as an industry leader.
  2. MOVING TO AN ONLINE COMMUNITY: A greater portion of the Australian population has transitioned to using online platforms to communicate. The current environment is the perfect platform to enable the sport of Bowls to start transitioning everyday operations to a more paperless environment with a more pronounced digital focus, and reduce reliance on scorecards, paper/plastic drinking cups, results sheets, posted draws, etc.
  3. BA & STA STAFF, AUSTRALIAN JACKAROOS AND LOCAL LEGENDS: Our people are important in advocating and delivering this strategy. Bowls Australia’s Regional Bowls Manager workforce will play a key role in educating and informing our members on the environmental sustainability strategy and how, by making small changes, we can rapidly improve our environment while at the same time improving our clubs economically. An ambassador program will focus on using Australian Jackaroos and Local Legends to educate and inform clubs through a series of social media promotions, club visits and spreading awareness at the grassroots level.
  4. CULTIVATING OUR UNITED NATIONS RELATIONSHIP: BA will continue to engage with the Sports for Climate Action Initiative and promote more global and national programs through our communications platforms to encourage the Australian Bowls community to participate in a range of initiatives.
  5. MEANINGFUL PARTNERSHIPS: BA will partner with sponsors, commercial entities and NMP Licensees that reflect the strategy’s values in demonstrating ethical sourcing and responsibility. All partners have similar values and beliefs around sustainability in order for relationships to flourish and to reinforce the strategy as a whole.

BA acknowledge the support and contribution made by Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) in developing this strategy; if you want to do more for the world with less footprint, join SEA at

View the Environmental Sustainability Strategy