Bowls is better with bitters

by Bowls Australia

Australian sport is well known for a bit of argy-bargy and the odd cheeky sledge, and in truth, that touch of bitter helps elevate the games we love.  However, ANGOSTURA® bitters has found one of Australia’s most popular sports, bowls, could do with a dash of bitter.

In a new film, three Jackaroos and competitors in the Bowls Premier League (BPL), including Ben Twist, Natasha Van Eldik and Aaron Teys are taught to help their game by bringing on the bitter, thanks to Australia’s other national drink – the ANGOSTURA® Lemon Lime & Bitters.

Long perceived as a polite, courteous sport, professional bowls is in fact an intense, highly competitive game, with all the pressures that go along with representing club or country.

Yet when it comes to bringing the banter (and the bitter), Angostura found that bowls players were holding back; so in the film our players learn some ‘bowls burns’ to cleverly respond to any given frustration they have with their competition whilst on the green.

More than 100 million lemon, lime and bitters are served in Australia every year: when playing barefoot bowls, as our favourite non-alcoholic option at the pub, to that refreshing, lip-smackingly-good drink for when relaxing at home.

And just like bowls isn’t known for its burns (until now…), little do Aussies know that the lemon, lime and bitters was invented here, yep here in Australia, right in our own backyard.