#BPL10: Day 2

by Lachlan Williams

Day two of BPL10 belonged to Tweed Heads Ospreys as the new club completed the day without a loss to their name.

After dropping their first two matches of the competition, Aaron Teys and the Ospreys look to be a side to be reckoned with after several impressive wins to sit in second spot after eight games.

The Sydney Lions continued their good form from day one, winning three of four matches, with their only loss coming in a match to remember against home-team Brisbane Pirates.

Going to a tiebreak, Aron Sherriff looked to have drawn the winning shot with his second-last bowl, before Alex Marshall followed up with a bowl those in the crowd and watching from home will never forget, to win the match for the Pirates.

The win was much-needed for the home side who have found patchy form mid-way through the competition. Murray Steamers also recorded two wins and two losses on Wednesday, struggling to find consistency.

Adelaide Pioneers had their struggles on day two, winning just one game for the day to take their tally to four wins.

The Melbourne Roys have plenty of work to do to work their way into the finals equation, sitting at the bottom of the table with just one win to their name.


Melbourne Pulse and Perth Suns did battle in the final match of the day, with Perth’s win slotting them into the top four above their opponent, who sit in fifth.

The Suns now have five wins to their name, with the Pulse sitting on four victories.


Follow the progress of #BPL10 below:

Day 2 Results:

Round 5 –

Adelaide Pioneers def Melbourne Roys 12-4 3-3

Murray Steamers def Perth Suns 10-1 8-4

Sydney Lions def Melbourne Pulse 6-3 4-5 1-0

Tweed Heads Ospreys def Brisbane Pirates 7-2 4-5 1-0

Round 6 –

Perth Suns def Melbourne Roys 4-4 11-4

Sydney Lions def Murray Steamers 9-3 7-4

Tweed Heads Ospreys def Melbourne Pulse 8-4 8-2

Adelaide Pioneers def by Brisbane Pirates 1-9 9-5 0-3

Round 7 –

Sydney Lions def Melbourne Roys 7-3 4-5 1-0

Tweed Heads Ospreys def Murray Steamers 11-2 3-7 1-0

Adelaide Pioneers def by Perth Suns 4-11 5-5

Brisbane Pirates def by Melbourne Pulse 9-8 1-5 0-1

Round 8 –

Tweed Heads Ospreys def Adelaide Pioneers 7-6 5-7 1-0

Melbourne Roys def by Murray Steamers 1-10 3-5

Brisbane Pirates def Sydney Lions 1-14 10-0 1-0

Melbourne Pulse def by Perth Suns 6-9 0-9

Day 1 Results:

Round 1 –

Murray Steamers def Melbourne Roys 3-6 8-3 1-0

Brisbane Pirates def by Sydney Lions 4-4 2-9

Tweed Heads Ospreys def by Adelaide Pioneers 7-11 2-10

Melbourne Pulse def Perth Suns 6-3 4-7 1-0

Round 2 –

Tweed Heads Ospreys def by Perth Suns 1-5 7-7

Murray Steamers def by Melbourne Pulse 3-3 3-4

Melbourne Roys def Brisbane Pirates 6-5 4-6 2-0

Sydney Lions def Adelaide Pioneers 21-0 8-6

Round 3 –

Melbourne Pulse def by Adelaide Pioneers 4-8 6-6

Melbourne Roys def by Tweed Heads Ospreys 4-7 3-6

Perth Suns def by Sydney Lions 4-4 2-5

Brisbane Pirates def Murray Steamers 5-7 7-3 2-0

Round 4 –

Melbourne Roys def by Melbourne Pulse 1-8 6-6

Tweed Heads Ospreys def Sydney Lions 7-3 6-9 2-0

Murray Steamers def by Adelaide Pioneers 3-5 1-8

Brisbane Pirates def by Perth Suns 6-7 6-4 0-1


November 12-15, 2019
Club Pine Rivers, Brisbane, Queensland
Day Sessions: From 11.45am AEDT (Bowls Australia Facebook – live-streaming)
Night Sessions: From 6pm AEDT (Fox Sports, Kayo Sports & Sky Sport NZ)