Brett Duprez optimistic on health of the sport

by Bowls Australia

Former BCiB Jackaroo and Commonwealth Games gold medalist Brett Duprez is optimistic about the health of the sport, despite the challenges that have arisen as a result of COVID-19.

The 45-year-old, who retired from international duty in 2005 after more than 150 caps for Australia, has not been lost to the sport following his playing days.

He is the Chief Operating Officer for long-standing supporters of the sport, BCiB, and sits on the board of Bowls NSW.

In speaking with Clive Adams as part of ‘Legends Under Lights’, the Bowls Australia Hall of Famer was bullish on the sport’s direction and his possible influence from the boardroom.

“I certainly see bowls as a very positive sport in general, both for the bowlers that are already in it and for the community at large,” he said.

“Bowls has so many good attributes. You know there’s [physical] health attributes, [it’s] good for the mind, the social interaction, etc.

“I think it’s in a really good and healthy position.

“We want to grow the sport. We want more people playing and just realising that anyone can do it. It’s very inclusive and we want to make it more inclusive. That’s probably where I’d like to try to assist and my role on the Bowls NSW board is to try and grow the game.

“I’m there to try and leave the sport and the association in a better position than it was in before I started on the board.”

Watch Brett Duprez’s full interview below, as part of our ‘Legends Under Lights’ series, proudly presented by Legacy Sport Lighting.

Duprez, who medalled in both Commonwealth Games and World Bowls Championships for Australia, was also complimentary of the current crop of BCiB Jackaroos.

“They’re all fantastic players,” he said.

“They’re very dedicated and put a lot into their training, led by Steve Glasson and the High Performance team.

“It’s fantastic to see them performing so well on and off the green.

“It’s a really professional outfit.”