Carla’s Corner – Edition 15

by Val Febbo

Dual Commonwealth Games gold medallist and world champion Carla Krizanic continues to share her insights in her 15th and final column for

As athletes we often look up to and are inspired by those that have come before us.

However, this week I’ve been inspired by young Kate Argent-Bowden, who was the recent recipient of Under-18 Female Bowler of Year Award and spoke to us on this week’s edition of ‘The Right Line’ podcast.

Kate spoke highly of her club members and noted the support and encouragement that they have provided her over the years, highlighting the contribution that’s been made to her recent successes.

At only 16 years-of-age, Kate showed an amazing understanding of the value provided by clubs and communities, and how individuals in your immediate circle can help to achieve goals, ambitions and keep you grounded.

Personally, I can absolutely resonate with Kate’s thoughts, my club community has also been significant in enabling me to get to the position I’m in now.

The pandemic has really emphasised the value of bowls clubs, not just as a place to play sport but as a community and support network for members.

While many haven’t been able to regularly see each other face-to-face, in some ways lockdowns have brought us closer than ever.

I have enjoyed hearing the stories of clubs delivering scones (with jam and cream, of course) to all their members’ homes and virtual dinners between clubmates when they were unable to see each other face-to-face.

During our extended lockdowns in Melbourne, my club’s committee spent hours on the phone touching base with all Club Sunbury members to check on everyone and provide any assistance that may be needed to those having a particularly tough time.

It fills my heart to know that I’m part of a bowls club community and that support is there, shall I ever need it.

We are all aware of the increasing prevalence of mental health concerns in our community and the last couple of years has only exaggerated this.

I think it’s very evident bowls clubs play a significant role in maintaining the positive mental health of their members.

The opportunity to be part of a sport that keeps you active at any stage of your life and improves mental health through socially and a supportive club environment is key to keeping us all healthy.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and while it’s a joyous time for many, it can also be a challenging time for those who are without loved ones.

So, this Christmas get behind your clubmates and touch base with those you feel may need some extra support; as bowlers we sometimes don’t realise how important and significant we are to our fellow club members.

This is my last edition of Carla’s Corner, so I wanted to express my sincere thanks to everyone who took to the time to read one (or more) of my columns on

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and I hope to see you out on the green in the New Year.

Happy Bowling,

Carla Krizanic.