Club Malua making significant progress

by Val Febbo

Following the devastating New Year’s bushfires of 2019/20 that wiped out the facilities at Club Malua, the rebuild of the club’s clubhouse is taking shape with the help of BCiB Insurance Brokers.

The club, on New South Wales’ southern coast, hosted a ‘First Dig Community Fair’ on February 28 this year that contained barefoot bowls, live music and food stalls for attendees, as well as the inaugural cracking of the soil for the new facilities.

The past few months have seen significant progression in the construction, with the club’s new look starting to take shape, causing significant optimism for members and staff.

Cabra Bowls Group, which runs the operations of Club Malua, is confident that all that are close to the club will be overjoyed by the finished product.

Executive Manager-Bowls, Michael Ibbotson, is ecstatic with the results so far, and hopes the finished clubhouse will be ready to be unveiled by mid-2022.

He adds that members are already optimistic about the prospects of congregating at the new-look facility.

“Recently it’s started to take shape, so seeing what the potential is for what it will look like, and for what it will provide the members in the area, is really exciting.” Ibbotson said.

“After something that was really tragic, it’s a fantastic opportunity to provide the region with something really great.

“There’s definitely optimism [around the club]. After the disappointment of losing the clubhouse followed by various instalments of COVID-19 restrictions, there is a renewed excitement about getting out to play, and even more so now that the club will be opening up again mid next year.”

Former National coach and BCiB’s very own Steve Glasson is ecstatic with the evolution of the project and is buoyed by the anticipation from the club members.

He said he is also proud of the work that has been undertaken throughout one of the most uncertain periods in the nation’s history.

“BCiB has been and continues to work closely and in conjunction with the owners of Club Malua, the Cabra Bowls Group, to ensure the rebuild of their club and community hub is successfully and timely managed following the devastating fires at New Year 2019/2020,” he said.

“This has been a complex works program, combining it with the impact COVID-19 has provided, but a collaborated approach between the client and BCiB as their Broker has proven anything is possible.”

”After such devastation, it’s now a very exciting time witnessing the progress towards an entire new community venue/club and BCiB are very pleased to be front and centre.”