Evergreen George Parish recognised by local club

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Charlton Bowling Club’s longest serving member has been recognised for his dedication the re-naming of the one of the club’s greens. Charlton Bowling Club’s longest serving member and official greenkeeper George Parish has been recognised for his work and dedication with the re-naming of one of the club’s greens as the “G.H. Parish Green”.
In front of club members, family and friends last week, 60-year member George was acknowledged by Club President, Patty Saltmarsh for his green keeping skills, learned under the tutelage of Courtney Keith and Alan Howard, before assuming the role in 2001/02.
“They certainly taught him well, as we have two of the best greens in the area,” said Saltmarsh. 

“George is pretty pedantic about his greens… They are manicured perfectly, and if there’s a section he won’t play on, neither will you, as he won’t allow it!”

Citing the many hours spent in bringing the playing area up to such a high standard, Patty said “the whole district knows who to call when a final needs to be played on neutral greens.”

Particular in every way, George’s attention to detail even extends to the greenkeeping equipment, with new items being taken apart.

“Not to see how it works, but to make sure it works to his standard!” said Saltmarsh.

A proud moment with members of the family, George (seated front) with his wife Dawn and granddaughter Eloise Crisp, is pictured with (back l-r) Edward Crisp, Lenny Gretgrix, being held by Kelvin Baird, Tim Crisp, Anne Baird, James Baird, Lisa Crisp and Hannah Gretrgrix.

In an emotional response to the unveiling of the green in his name, George emphasised how much he loved his work, saying the recognition was unnecessary.

“I love what I do… and I think Dawn (wife) does too because I’m not home!” he said. 

“This is a total surprise… I do love what I do, and I do it for the whole benefit of the club… I’m lost for words!”

Contribution courtesy The Buloke Times