Fairfield given a Helping Hand

by Lachlan Williams

More financial assistance continues to be given to bowls clubs impacted by COVID-19, with Bowls Australia’s (BA) Helping Hand Fund issuing support to another club.

Fairfield Bowling Club will receive $1120 from the fund to cover the cost of the purchase and installation of an alarm system.

With COVID preventing the club from hosting fundraising events throughout the year, they will now be able to cover the costs of their upgrade with help from the fund.

Fairfield becomes the fourth group to receive assistance from the Helping Hand Fund since its inception in September this year.

Individuals and group across the country have contributed more than $9800 to the fund to date.

Helping Hand Fund beneficiaries

Donations to the Helping Hand campaign are tax-deductible and BA are calling on all levels of the bowls community to show support to clubs in times of need.