From playing for laughs to the Jackaroos’ Coach

by Val Febbo

After originally picking up the sport as a joke and through convenience at a young age, Gary Willis now finds himself as the National Coach of Bowls in Australia and will spearhead the BCiB Jackaroos‘ future.

However the humour ended in a flash and Willis fell deeply in love with the sport he has gone on to serve as both a player and coach since 1986.

“I started playing Bowls as a bit of a joke with my mates, we had a club over the back fence in the ACT and it was a school sport,” Wills told SEN after his National Coach appointment.

“We got selected in a squad to go away to Wagga (Wagga) and represent the ACT against New South Wales, Victoria and some country zones.

“I absolutely loved it and I was hooked on the game, so from there was a playing career and I’m still playing today, although very rarely, but I still like to throw the odd bowl down at Cabramatta Bowls Club.”

Listen to Gary Willis’ full interview on SEN Sporting Capital with Sam Hargreaves below.