Sporting Schools

Bowls is an emerging sport in schools, and Jr. Jack Attack is designed to enable kids to participate in an engaging format, which is both fun and inclusive.

Importantly, it can be conducted on a range of surfaces including greens, carpets, concrete, wooden floors and just about anything else that is flat.

This eliminates the restrictions of requiring a bowling green to introduce new audiences to the sport.

Sporting Schools is a $100 million Australian Government initiative being run by the Australian Sports Commission.

The aim of the program is to give thousands of Australian school access to a range of sports.

With 32 sporting organisations in total, the programme provides funding for schools to select the sport they wish to run.

Any school can select Bowls Australia’s Jr. Jack Attack program and they will use the Jr Jack Attack kit to deliver four or more sessions in the school.

The Sporting Schools Programme is designed to run before, after or during school hours.

As each school has different requirements, Bowls Australia has created different options to ensure that each school can participate in the Jr Jack Attack Programme.

Schools can choose to have a coach attend the school, a teacher run the programme or the school attend a local bowls club.

• Sporting Schools Program Overview

e-Learning Coaching Module, for teachers, club members, higher education students or external coach providers who would like to deliver a Jr. Jack Attack Program.