Have not played since June: Wedlock

by Val Febbo

BCiB Australian Jackaroo and number one ranked male bowler in the country, Corey Wedlock, admits that the current lockdown in New South Wales means that he has not been able to play competitive bowls since the Australian Open in June.

Speaking on Bowls Australia’s ‘Without Bias’ program, the 25-year-old said he missed being on the green, but has focussed his energy on key performance indicators away from it.

“I haven’t played at all since the Aussie Open in June, so I’m trying to work on those little one percenters off the green,” he said.

“Those little things will make me a better player when I can finally get back on the green.

“I’ve been working on my leg strength with lunging, if you’re playing a full day the amount of lunges you have to do is a lot, so working on that and core strength as well.

“It’s all mainly just trying to keep fit and mentally strong as well.”

As was the case in 2020, virtual meetings and catch-ups are again the norm, and the three-time Bowls Premier League champion is relishing the family-style bond of the Jackaroos and the support network the team provides.

“We’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of Zooms and I’m really close with everyone in the team so I stay connected to a lot of them, and I’ve got Aaron Teys right up the street,” Wedlock said.

“I’m close with Barrie Lester as well, and I keep in contact with everyone because the best thing about the Jackaroos culture is we’re all one big family.

“We just feed off each other, and if we need help we’re all there for each other which is awesome.

“The Zooms are great and we all get to catch up and just talk about things as simple as what we’ve been up to.”

Hear the full Without Bias chat with Corey Wedlock and Clive Adams below.