Hunter Bowls (HB) ‘Sell-down period’ advisement

by Bowls Australia

As previously advised, as of 1 September 2021, HB’s licence was not renewed and, as such, HB does not hold a licence to manufacture HB labelled Bowls Australia (BA) apparel (HB/BA Licenced Apparel) as part of the sport’s National Merchandise Program (NMP). 

HB have, however, been permitted a ‘sell-down period’ to sell any already-produced HB/BA Licenced Apparel stock on hand carrying the BA NMP logo until 31 December 2022. Any off-the-shelf HB/BA Licenced Apparel stock purchased from HB during this period will be compliant apparel under the NMP policy. 

Any orders for HB/BA Licenced Apparel carrying the BA NMP logo placed prior to 1 September 2021 will still be completed by HB, irrespective of when the order is expected to arrive, and is deemed compliant apparel under the NMP policy. 

From 1 September 2021, HB will not be able to accept any new manufacturing orders for HB/BA Licenced Apparel, i.e., carrying the BA NMP logo, inclusive of any new custom team wear orders. Any new manufacturing orders placed after this date will be non-compliant under the NMP policy. 

Any retailers currently carrying HB/BA Licenced Apparel stock, or retailers who purchase already-produced HB/BA Licenced Apparel stock from HB during the ‘sell-down period’, can continue to sell this stock past 1 September 2021 until depleted. This apparel will be deemed compliant under the NMP policy. 

These restrictions placed on HB only relate to the manufacture of HB/BA Licenced Apparel and do not affect HB’s ability to sell other BA licenced apparel, e.g., City Club, Henselite and/or Sporte Leisure apparel/clothing. 

We encourage you to contact BA’s Business Development Manager Andrew Gommers or your local Regional Bowls Manager to address any questions or concerns relating to HB apparel. 

Andrew Gommers, Business Development Manager: m: 0401 242 730 | d: +61 3 9480 7162  | e:

Finally, a list of all current licenced National Merchandise Program suppliers can be viewed here