I’m so proud our sport is inclusive: Thornton

by Val Febbo

Australian Para-Sport Jackaroo Josh Thornton says the recent Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have made him think about how phenomenal the opportunity to represent the nation at an Olympiad would be.

Speaking on Bowls Australia’s podcast ‘The Right Line’, Thornton’s passion for sport’s showpiece event was reignited, being as engrossed as he used to be as a child.

“For some reason since 2000, I haven’t really followed the Olympics, but this year working from home and having the TV to the right of my desk I couldn’t stop watching,” Thornton said.

“I was fully engrossed like I hadn’t been for a long time, it was amazing.

“Transitioning from the Olympics to the Paralympics, you think to yourself, ‘I wish bowls was part of the Paralympics’, because it would be a great experience to go through.”

The Commonwealth Games gold medallist is extremely proud about the inclusivity of bowls and its ability to bring all sections of the community together on the green.

“One think I’ve always been passionate and proud of, as well as being able to speak about, is that our sport is a very inclusive sport,” he said.

“For such an inclusive sport, why aren’t we in the Paralympics first and foremost, let alone the Olympics?

“Using myself as an example, not to brag or anything, but how many people go on to win an able-body Australian Open as well as a disability one? It’s something that I’ve been lucky enough to go on and achieve.

“It just highlights how good our sport is.”

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