Latest National Player Rankings for September released

by Bowls Australia

If the latest National Player Rankings are anything to go by, the future is bright for bowls in Australia with 15-year-old Kane Nelson (QLD) and 24-year-old Chloe Stewart (QLD) assuming the top-ranked male and female positions.

Kane is followed closely by older brother, Jacob (21), who sits in second place and fellow Queensland young gun, Nick Cahill (18), who sits in fourth place.

Stewart, a BCiB Australian Jackaroo, has enjoyed a stellar 18-24 months on the events front and more often than not, has found herself within the top-five women.

She will look to defend her state singles and triples titles when the 2020 Bowls Queensland State Championships are held in October.

With COVID-19 having a significant impact on the running of State Championships events around the country, only ACT, NT and SA have been able to run the majority of their events.

See below for the latest National Player Rankings, as of September 30, 2020.

Top-ranked players by state (Men):

ACT: Robert Craven (overall ranking – 21)
NSW: Peter Taylor (overall ranking – 3)
NT: Trystan Smallacombe (overall ranking – 18)
QLD: Kane Nelson (overall ranking – 1)
SA: Craig Mills (overall ranking – 7)
TAS: Robert McMullen (overall ranking – 25)
VIC: Jarryd Davies (overall ranking – 12)
WA: Cody Packer (overall ranking – 6)
Overseas (SCO): Kevin Anderson (overall ranking – 8)

Top-ranked players by state (Women):

ACT: Sharon Harmer (overall ranking – 9)
NSW: Vikki Wilson (overall ranking – 26)
NT: Colleen Orr (overall ranking – 2)
QLD: Chloe Stewart (overall ranking – 1)
SA: Anne Onto (overall ranking – 8)
TAS: Lyn Triffitt (overall ranking – 7)
VIC: Claire Sanders (overall ranking – 4)
WA: Hailey Packer (overall ranking – 3)
Overseas (NZ): Katelyn Inch (overall ranking – 8)

Overall Player Rankings (Men):

1: Kane Nelson (QLD): 210 pts
2: Jacob Nelson (QLD): 197
3: Peter Taylor (NSW): 192
4: Nick Cahill (QLD): 147
5: Corey Wedlock (NSW): 139

Overall Player Rankings (Women):

1: Chloe Stewart (QLD): 135 pts
2: Colleen Orr (NT): 124
3: Hailey Packer (WA): 110
4: Claire Sanders (VIC): 102
5: Laura Merz (WA): 100

The National Rankings System operates on a yearly rolling-points system, where all points accrued are retained for a 12-month period and are then discounted. Players can accrue ranking points from all national events, State Championships, State Champion of Champion and selected club events. For any rankings or event registration queries, please contact