Latest National Rankings for August released

by Bowls Australia

New South Wales’ reign at the top of both the male and female rankings has come to an end for the first time since the end of October last year.

In the male standings, Queensland’s Nelson brothers, Kane (1) and Jacob (2), have risen sharply to command the pointy-end of the leaderboard, bringing an end to Peter Taylor’s dominance, with the New South Welshman having occupied the top spot since June.

However, the news isn’t all so bad for New South Wales, with Genevieve Delves retaining the number one women’s ranking and in doing so, has completed a full calendar year in the position.

Among the other notables, West Australian husband and wife team, Hailey (3) and Cody Packer (4), are among the top-five in their respective standings, while rising star Erin Swatridge (5) has found herself in a career-high position.

The National Player Rankings have begun to take shape again, having been impacted by a swag of cancelled or postponed events (scroll below to find a breakdown of these events).

Top-ranked players by state (Men):

ACT: Robert Craven (overall ranking – 12)
NSW: Peter Taylor (overall ranking – 3)
NT: Trystan Smallacombe (overall ranking – 22)
QLD: Kane Nelson (overall ranking – 1)
SA: Mark Sharman (overall ranking – 139)
TAS: Robert McMullen (overall ranking – 30)
VIC: Jarryd Davies (overall ranking – 14)
WA: Cody Packer (overall ranking – 4)
Overseas (SCO): Kevin Anderson (overall ranking – 9)

Top-ranked players by state (Women):

ACT: Sharon Harmer (overall ranking – 17)
NSW: Genevieve Delves (overall ranking – 1)
NT: Colleen Orr (overall ranking – 4)
QLD: Chloe Stewart (overall ranking – 2)
SA: Louise Craighead (overall ranking – 123)
TAS: Lyn Triffitt (overall ranking – 10)
VIC: Claire Sanders (overall ranking – 8)
WA: Hailey Packer (overall ranking – 3)
Overseas (SCO): Kay Moran (overall ranking – 47)

Overall Player Rankings (Men):

1: Kane Nelson (QLD): 210 pts
2: Jacob Nelson (QLD): 197
3: Peter Taylor (NSW): 192
4*: Matthew Baus (NSW): 150
4*: Cody Packer (WA): 150

Overall Player Rankings (Women):

1: Genevieve Delves (NSW): 196 pts
2: Chloe Stewart (QLD): 135
3: Hailey Packer (WA): 134
4: Colleen Orr (NT): 124
5: Erin Swatridge (NSW): 113

The National Rankings System operates on a yearly rolling-points system, where all points accrued are retained for a 12-month period and are then discounted. Players can accrue ranking points from all national events, State Championships, State Champion of Champion and selected club events. For any rankings or event registration queries, please contact