Latest National Rankings for November released

by Domenic Favata

New South Wales pair Corey Wedlock and Genevieve Delves are the top-ranked Australian male and female bowlers respectively following the month of November.

Both players will also feature in international calculations for Australia early next year, with Delves set to make her international debut in New Zealand’s Burnside Pairs in January, while Wedlock was selected in the top five men for the 2020 Trans Tasman in February.

The National Rankings System operates on a yearly rolling-points system, where all points accrued are retained for a 12-month period and are then discounted.

The rankings year concludes at the completion of the Australian Open (June), with the number one ranked male and female players earning the titles of Male and Female Bowlers of the Year and $3,000 prize purses each.

Players can accrue ranking points from all national events, State Championships, State Champion of Champion and selected club events.

Top-ranked players by state (Men):

ACT: Robert Craven (overall ranking – 16)
NSW: Corey Wedlock (overall ranking – 1)
NT: Trystan Smallacombe (overall ranking – 76)
QLD: Aron Sherriff (overall ranking – 3)
SA: Nathan Pedersen (overall ranking – 36)
TAS: Joshua Appleyard (overall ranking – 57)
VIC: Jay Bye-Norris (overall ranking – 12)
WA: Blake Nairn (overall ranking – 28)
Overseas (CAN): Ryan Bester (overall ranking – 2)

Top-ranked players by state (Women):

ACT: Lois Waters (overall ranking – 47)
NSW: Genevieve Delves (overall ranking – 1)
NT: Colleen Orr (overall ranking – 7)
QLD: Chloe Stewart (overall ranking – 4)
SA: Renata Callisto (overall ranking – 61)
TAS: Lyn Triffitt (overall ranking – 10)
VIC: Carla Krizanic (overall ranking – 7)
WA: Kristina Krstic (overall ranking – 5)
Overseas (CAN): Kelly McKerihen (overall ranking – 18)

Overall Player Rankings (Men):

1: Corey Wedlock (NSW): 487 pts
2: Ryan Bester (OS CAN): 421
3: Aron Sherriff (QLD): 348
4: Ben Twist (NSW): 276
5: Kurt Brown (QLD): 275

Overall Player Rankings (Women):

1: Genevieve Delves (NSW): 368 pts
2:Natasha Scott (NSW): 292
3: Dawn Hayman (NSW): 291
4: Chloe Stewart (QLD): 281
5: Kristina Krstic (WA): 240