Light-hearted ingenuity puts spotlight on Tassie club

by Lachlan Williams

With clubs tackling plenty of big picture situations, sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most.

It’s great to see such high levels of engagement in problem solving by the East Devonport Bowls in Tasmania.  

When confronted with a tired old fence that was an eye-sore and left many wondering what to do, an enterprising and highly skilled club member had the answer.

Jamie, a keen East Devonport Club member and very talented artist (as you can see), used the old fence as his canvas and started to put together a collection of caricatures of club identities on the fence.

The interest from the community has been huge, with photos being taken and appearing on social media and inspiring people to call in and have a look.

It’s also led to a bit of friendly batter in the club house and predictions about which members will be next to appear on the fence.  

Contribution by Rob Soward – Regional Bowls Manager (Tasmania)

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