Local Legends Wanted.

by Aidan Davis on December 4, 2019

Bowls Australia (BA) has unveiled a new national marketing campaign, entitled Local Legends Wanted, aimed at increasing participation in the sport and improving club health by calling on individuals to join their local bowls club.

The campaign, which was released ahead of summer, during last weekend’s broadcast of the World Bowls Challenge event, is reaching out to those looking for a team sport that’s not as physically-demanding in comparison to sports such as football and netball.

The target audience for the campaign, created by specialist sports marketing agency Ballpark, is primarily men and women aged in their 30s to 50s who have enjoyed team sport throughout their lives but are looking for their next sport to play in or something more kind on their body, whilst still offering a competitive challenge.

Local Legends Wanted – 60 second video to appear in cinemas

Local Legends Wanted – 30 second video to appear on television

Local Legends Wanted – 30 second social media video

Local Legends Wanted – 15 second video to appear on digital platforms

Local Legends Wanted – radio advertisement

Local Legends Wanted – poster (version 1)

Local Legends Wanted – poster (version 2)

Local Legends Wanted – poster (version 3)

Local Legends Wanted – poster (version 4)

Bowls Australia CEO Neil Dalrymple said it was an important initiative aligned to the organisation’s vision for all Australians to engage with bowls during their lifetime.

“This campaign not only speaks to an often-forgotten audience for sports participation, but also speaks to the inclusivity of the game and its fun, but competitive spirit for all players,” he said.

With Australia often being described as ‘sports-mad’, the campaign plays on the welcoming, larrikin personality of both the game and its players.

Shot in slow motion, and accompanied by Wagner’s Ride Of The Valkyries, the commercial sees an underdog team deliver a pivotal bowl. The music builds, as we see the bowl roll to an unexpected victory, landing triumphantly as the club goes wild.

The campaign will feature national metropolitan and regional coverage across a number of platforms, including via SBS, Fox Sports Australia and Kayo, as well as through radio, print, social and cinema.

The campaign will receive extensive coverage during the Summer and May/June periods, aligned to the World Bowls Championships and Australian Open events.



Client: Bowls Australia
CEO: Neil Dalrymple
Communications and Marketing Manager: Aidan Davis
Agency: Ballpark
Creative Director: Ben Keenan
Group Account Director: Mandy Henderson
Account Director: Mel Connell
Senior Account Manager: Ella Shepley
Strategist: Bryce Ott
Senior Creative Producer: Lou Ford
Production Company: Rainmaker
Director of Photography: Trent Miller
Photographer: Chris Hillary