‘Reinvigorated our club’: Nothing but praise for Jack Attack

by Lachlan Williams

With the winter weather setting in across much of the country, now is the perfect time for clubs to start thinking about Jack Attack for the upcoming spring and summer months.

A fun, fast-paced and easy to manage format, Jack Attack is like barefoot bowls, but better.

A Bowls Australia program, Jack Attack is the perfect way for clubs to introduce new bowlers to the club and turn social bowlers into rusted on members.

The program has proved a hit at many clubs around the country, including at South Australia’s Christies Beach Bowling Club.

After running a successful program last year, the club was keen to get a second program under way in January this year.

Running over eight weeks, the club retained 12 of the original 14 teams while having no issues finding two more sides.

Christies Beach Jack Attack coordinator Anthony Exton said the wide range of competitors is hugely beneficial for the club.

“We have a wide a range of ages and abilities playing in our Jack Attack competition. From ex-pennant players who cannot play now due to ill health, to family groups that span three generations, and love the fact they can play sport with their kids and grandkids,” he said.

“We have also managed to get two players playing pennants already.”

Exton said it’s important to create a relaxed and casual atmosphere for all players to feel welcome. He said they implemented a few fun ideas to help do so.

“In the first week, our coordinator went around and got two songs from each player and created a Spotify playlist, the next week we were listening to anything from Metallica to Cardi B,” he said.

“During the game, we will randomly ring a bell, and then anyone who gets a toucher will receive a free drink voucher until we ring the bell again. Players get so excited when they get a toucher, and are quick to tell the other teams.”

Exton said the club has also reaped the financial rewards of hosting Jack Attack at the club.

“We are small club with only around 130 members. Over the bar as well as a raffle and a Sausage Sizzle this can equate to around $2500-$3000 over a six week period, which is quite handy when the club is not usually open past 5pm on a Thursday,” he said.

“It has also managed to provide a couple of venue hire nights for birthdays etc through the Jack Attack program.”

Exton said the club has thrived with the opportunity to host Jack Attack.

“All this started with us taking a chance and hosting a round of BPL Cup qualifiers in mid-2020, it was a huge success and gave the club the belief that our small club can host these events successfully.” he said.

“It seems to have reinvigorated our club and we are now trying to attract new players in other ways such as coaching days and school programs.”

If your club would like to get involved with Jack Attack, click here for more information, or contact your local Regional Bowls Manager.