Rookie Rollers a hit at Rosewood

by Lachlan Williams

As the first school holidays of 2021 approach, students across the country will go into the break with new bowls skills under their belt.

Bowls Australia’s (BA) introductory bowls program Rookie Rollers has featured at more than 50 schools throughout the first term of the school year, proving to be a hit among students of all ages.

The program proved its popularity and versatility at many schools, including Rosewood Public School in NSW’s south.

Rosewood School Administrative Manager Wendy Lavis said they loved having Rookie Rollers at the school.

“Each time we apply for sport funding we look at getting in new sports the kids haven’t tried before. We looked at lawn bowls and were really happy with what we received,” she said.

With students of all ages participating, Mrs Lavis said Rookie Rollers was the first exposure to bowls for all students.

“I don’t think any of them had played before. They all had a great time,” she said.

“We split the kids into primary and infants. Our primary kids tried the scoring wedge first and none got a point, then the infants jumped on and scored hundreds of points.

“I think it shows how any student of any age or ability can participate.”

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With the Rookie Rollers kit now at the school, Mrs Lavis said the option for students to try Rookie Rollers and bowls as a sport are exciting.

“There is plenty for the kids to do, and they had a great time,” she said.

Mrs Lavis was also full of praise for the support of Regional Bowls Manager David Inglis.

“He was really good, he really knows his stuff,” she said.

“All the kids listened to what he said, tried to learn from him all while having some fun and trying something new.”

If your school or club would like to get involved with Rookie Rollers or would like more information, click here.