Short Ends with Lynsey Clarke

by Bowls Australia

Presented by BCiB Insurance Brokers, Lynsey Clarke answers the tough questions.

How old were you and why did you first take up bowls:
I was 11 and took up bowls because my mum played at the local club (Helensvale). The club was starting up a junior coaching academy so I thought, why not? The rest is history!

First tournament victory:
Australian Junior Singles in 2000

Toughest Singles opponent:
Jo Edwards

Who has had the most influence on your career:
My parents. Both due to the fact that they’re the ones I played with and against most when I was growing up and learning about the game. But also, like any sporting parents, they took me absolutely everywhere to play in junior and senior bowls events. They supported me wholeheartedly without being over the top and taught me about being grounded and grateful.

Favourite bowler while growing up:
Karen Murphy

Funniest Jackaroo teammate(s):
Rebecca Van Asch and Barrie Lester

Three things left on your bucket list:
– Family holiday to Queenstown, NZ
– Buy a house on the water
– See Roger Federer play live. (Oh wait, I did that one this year and it was AMAZING!)

First album you bought:
Sugar Ray or 100% Hits

Favourite holiday destination:
Las Vegas or New York

Favourite movie:
My favourite genre is a comedy or romantic comedy. Generally, anything Owen Wilson or Ben Stiller is my type of watch. Wedding Crashers, Meet the Parents, etc.

Favourite TV series:
It may surprise a few people, but I’m a sucker for a trashy reality tv series. So things like Married at First Sight, Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, Big Brother, etc.

Favourite band or musician:
Hands down, Robbie Williams! I’ve been to every one of his Australian Tour Shows. I even won tickets to his 2006 one by singing one of his songs live on the local radio station, that’s how much I love him!

Jackaroo with the best taste in music:
Any player. Do not give control of the music on the bus to any of our coaches or managers!

Favourite carb:

Favourite meal after a day on the green:
Anything that I don’t have to cook myself!

What meal is your speciality to cook:
I make a mean chicken and mushroom risotto.

Chocolate in the fridge. Yes or no:
That would be a big no! It’s for sale on the supermarket shelf for a reason! My husband and I totally clash over this decision, we now have ‘HIS’ and ‘HERS’ chocolate stashes!

Milo. Hot or cold:

Pineapple on pizza. Yes or no:

Parma or Parmi:

Coriander. Yes or no:
No way! I’m one of those people who have the gene that makes coriander taste like soap!

Cats or Dogs.

Who inspires you:
I get inspired on a regular basis by many different people and for varying reasons. Anyone who has battled through adversity and comes out the other side. Those who have been knocked down but continue to get back up and fight on. Anyone with determination and passion about something is very inspiring to me.

Most embarrassing childhood memory:
I’ve done way too many embarrassing things through my childhood that no particular event stands out more than the others!

If you could appear on any reality show, which one would you choose:
The Amazing Race.

Who would you like to swap places with for a day:

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