Short Ends with Wayne Ruediger

by Bowls Australia

Presented by BCiB Insurance Brokers, Wayne Ruediger answers the tough questions.

How old were you and why did you first take up bowls:
18. I got a job as an apprentice greenkeeper at Holdfast Bay in Adelaide.

First tournament victory:
BPL Classic in Berri

Toughest Singles opponent:

Who has had the most influence on your career:
Ron Ruediger (grandfather)

Favourite bowler while growing up:
Ron Ruediger

Funniest Jackaroo teammate:
Barrie Lester

Three things left on your bucket list:
– Skiing in New Zealand
– Family trip to Disneyland
– Watch an Ashes Test in England

First album you bought:
US – The Joshua Tree

Favourite holiday destination:

Favourite movie:
The Replacements

Favourite TV series:
Happy Days

Favourite band or musician:
Kenny Rogers

Jackaroo with the best taste in music:
Corey Wedlock

Favourite carb:

Favourite meal after a day on the green:
Thai green chicken curry

What meal is your speciality to cook:
A rose chicken pasta

Chocolate in the fridge. Yes or no:

Milo. Hot or cold:

Pineapple on pizza. Yes or no:

Parma or Parmi:

Coriander. Yes or no:

Cats or Dogs.

Who inspires you:
Nikki Ruediger

Proudest non-bowls accomplishment:
Raising three children.

Most embarrassing childhood memory:
Throwing my clothes out the window.

If you could appear on any reality show, which one would you choose:
The Block

Who would you like to swap places with for a day:
My dog.

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