Sporting Schools attracts an interest in bowls for North Launceston students

by admin

The Seabrook Christian School and North Launceston Bowls Club have benefited from the Sporting Schools Program and Jr. Jack Attack with the assistance of Tasmania’s Regional Bowls Manager Simon Morrison. A visit by Regional Bowls Manager Simon Morrison to the Seabrook Christian School to discuss introducing bowls to students through the Australian Sports Commission’s Sporting Schools Program, has had a positive result with the students and the North Launceston Bowls Club.  

The school purchased a Junior Jack Attack kit after receiving a Special Interest Grant from the Australian Sports Commission and utilized the skills of a trained bowls coach to bring the fun and enjoyment of the sport to the students within the school grounds, and later, a special visit to the North Launceston Bowls Club to put their skills to the test on a bowling green. 

Seabrook Christian School is a vibrant multicultural school in North Launceston with enthusiastic students and teachers who embraced Lawn Bowls despite not having a gym or hall to run the bowls program in. 

This challenge was overcome with the sessions run in the classroom and the hallways of the school and made for some fun and challenging activities that were welcomed by all students.

Simon Morrison undertook a follow-up meeting with the teachers who expressed an interest in undertaking the program again as bowls had brought out a positive attitude and response from all the students involved.  

A second program was established between their local bowls club, North Launceston, and this came at no charge to the school who had already purchased the bowls equipment. 

Given the change of weather students were able to undertake the first three sessions outside at their school, with the final session being a bus trip to North Launceston to utilize the Junior Jack Attack equipment, real bowls and watch a competitive pennant game.  

The trip to the bowls club was a huge success with groups of students watching the club participating in a pennant game and cheering on all those involved, this was warmly received by those playing on the day.

President of the North Launceston Bowls Club Wayne Howard was on hand to assist with coaching and coordinating the students on the day, and he has been keen to attract more juniors to the club.

“The students were enthusiastic and vibrant, they were fantastic when watching the pennant match and always asking questions,” said Howard. 

“It was great to hear the students enjoyed their trip and were also asking when they can come back again.”

Head of Seabrook Christian School Alison Blackberry has been a big supporter of the bowls program and says they are really appreciative that the students have had the opportunity to participate in an activity where all can experience success, no matter what their athletic ability is.  

“Simon and the coaches who have worked with our students have done an excellent job; this has been evident by the keen anticipation of each lesson by the students,” said Ms. Blackberry.  

“Simon’s willingness to run extra sessions and arrange for us to visit the North Launceston Bowls Club provided an additional highlight and the students have thoroughly enjoyed their bowling experience.” 

If you would like help attracting juniors to your club or more information about the Sporting Schools Program, contact your nearest Regional Bowls Manager to arrange a meeting.