“We just love it”: Roll Back the Clock ticks all the boxes for Cheryl

by Lachlan Williams

While COVID lockdowns may have played havoc on many people’s motivation levels in 2020, one South Townsville woman has praised a Bowls Australia program for helping her keep fit and active.

Cheryl Kent has lauded BA’s Better Ageing Program Roll Back the Clock, with nothing but positivity for the program.

Roll Back the Clock aims to boost physical activity rates among Australians aged 65 and over through bowls, light exercise and education.

A regular at South Townsville Bowls Club’s Roll Back the Clock programs, Mrs Kent said the program offers a different insight into health and wellbeing than she had experienced before.

“I do a lot of walking to keep fit, but the program exercises and education are just amazing,” she said.

“Our trainer Wendy was fantastic, adjusting the exercises to suit people with different conditions, and upping things for those of us doing it too easy. It tailored for everyone’s needs.”

While the program itself generally runs for four to six weeks, Mrs Kent said she found herself implementing things she had learned after the sessions had finished.

“When COVID hit last year and shut everything down, a neighbour and I, when we were allowed, set up a circuit in my garage of exercises we had learnt,” she said.

“We benefitted greatly from it, I personally lost a bit of weight which was great.”

Mrs Kent enjoyed her experience with Roll Back the Clock so much she and some other program participants started bowling at South Townsville.

“Three of us have joined the club as members now, and we have two teams in Jack Attack of people who did Roll Back the Clock,” she said.

“As much as the physical side of things is important, the social aspect of the program was the most fun. The program would go for an hour, but we’d all stay for another hour or two chatting afterwards. We just love it.”

To find out more about Roll Back the Clock or to get involved, head to https://www.bowls.com.au/get-involved/rollbacktheclock/