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2020-2022 Strategic Plan
Launch article – April 14, 2020
“Bowls Unleashed” 2020-2022 Strategic Plan unveiled

The sport’s updated blueprint document, Bowls Unleashed 2020-2022 Strategic Plan, has been released to help shape the future of the sport across all levels.

The publication follows on from the work already undertaken in the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, with a renewed focus on the next two-year period.

With a rapidly changing landscape, Bowls Australia have revised the organisational initiatives and priorities from those set out in January 2018, to ensure relevance and guide the future direction.

Bowls Australia President Darryl Clout said the publication was an integral means of documenting and measuring the success of the organisation’s future strategic direction.

“This updated Strategic Plan builds on the successes already achieved over the past two years, but importantly, ensures that we have a defined strategy to tackle the upcoming two-year period,” Clout said.

“Now more than ever, it’s plainly clear that both the world and the sport have changed drastically in recent times, and it’s crucial that we realign our focus to remain relevant and prepare the sport for reactivation once some semblance of normality returns.

“This document signals a new chapter in our effort to achieve our vision for all Australians to engage with bowls socially or competitively during their lifetime.”

• View the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan here.

2018-2022 Strategic Plan (outdated with new update above).

Launch article – January 17, 2018
Bowls Unleashed: The Bowls Australia 2018-22 Strategic Plan

Bowls Australia (BA) are pleased to release its 2018-2022 Strategic Plan titled ‘Bowls Unleashed’, which will serve as the blueprint in steering the sport forward in the years to follow.

A continuation from the 2013-2017 Strategic Plan which was launched on October 28, 2013, the latest instalment has been developed to cater for all facets of the sport as we move in a new direction.

Bowls Unleashed has been developed for the Bowls community to:
– Provide vision and direction
– Guide the future growth and capacity
– Encourage coordination, cooperation and collaboration
– Maintain the relevance of Bowls in the Australian sporting sector
– Ensure the sustainability of Bowls in a changing Australian sporting landscape

Contributions from all stakeholders involved in the sport around Australia was invited and the changing dynamic of Bowls was the focus of this refreshed approach to the sport’s future. Our common vision is for all Australians to engage with bowls socially or competitively during their lifetime and the strategic priority areas created to achieve this vision are:

1. Our Business Model – We will work collaboratively through aligned behaviours, to build an industry leading national sports business
2. More Play – We will make the sport more accessible to all Australians and inspire the next generation of players, coaches, officials and volunteers.
3. Winning Teams – We will deliver winning teams on the international stage that inspire and excite Australians.
4. Inspired Fans – We will continue to improve the live spectator experience whilst driving innovation in how we bring bowls to the widest possible audience.
5. Staying ahead of the Game – We are open to new ideas and different ways of thinking; we are prepared to be challenged; we are committed to sharing ideas and information to benefit the sport.

You can read more about how we will try to achieve our vision and measure our success in the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan above.

BA President Darryl Clout says Bowls Unleashed signals the start of an exciting new chapter in the life of the sport.

“Bowls Unleashed builds on the work completed by BA, the STAs and the wider bowls community over the last five years,” he said.

“Every stakeholder involved at all levels of the sport in Australia has had the opportunity to provide input and this feedback has played a major role in ensuring the sport maximises its potential over the next five years and beyond.

“Everything we do as an organisation will be governed and measured by this Strategic Plan which will align every member of the Australian bowls community on the same path in achieving our vision, for all Australians to engage with bowls socially or competitively during their lifetime.”

Bowls Unleashed: The Bowls Australia 2018-22 Strategic Plan (low res)