BowlsLink is a purpose-built National technology platform for the sport of Lawn Bowls. It was designed by the sport of Bowls for all levels of administration with the ability to continually evolve so that it meets with any changes to the sport and technology into the future.

BowlsLink is designed to assist clubs and the various administration levels with management, communication, and promotion of our game.

BowlsLink offer the following services which are integrated and designed to operate in conjunction with each other.


This includes individual member profiles with tiered access from club to league/district, zone/region, state and the national level which means any information that is updated filters to all levels. Other services with the Membership area include Groups, Categories, certifications (such as Umpires/Coaches), Transfers along with the ability to run numerous reports.

Members can also be assigned Roles with various permissions which allow them to manage BowlsLink at any tier within the system. This gives clubs the flexibility to assign roles to manage a specific module within BowlsLink whilst restricting their access to others.

Club Info

Allows clubs to add information such as basic contact details, club opening hours, executive positions, and promotion of other services. All of which is linked to the FIND A CLUB located on Bowls Australia and various state websites.


Clubs can obtain a free website and domain. Whilst the website offering is via a template it provides enough flexibility to allow clubs of any size to tailor to their requirements. For more information regarding BowlsLink websites click here.

Competition Management

Bowls in a unique sport which has many different formats and scoring methods. The Bowls Link Competition Management System allows for any level of use from a basic club run event up to a multi format large scale competition such as the Australian Open.


This allows for any level of the sport to take online bookings for an event. It has the added ability to add various locations.

Email Campaigns

This section allows the various levels to contact Groups, Competition entry lists, and Event booking lists.


Bowls Link has the ability to take transactions via membership, competitions and events. The Finances section is where these are managed.

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