Bowls Premier League (BPL)

BPL15 program book

The Bowls Premier League (BPL) is the sport’s made-for-television, showpiece event.

Staged biannually, at Queensland’s Club Pine Rivers in November and New South Wales/Victoria border club Moama in February, the event was designed to change people’s perception of our sport.

The BPL is the Twenty20 of bowls – it’s fast, it’s loud, it attracts the world’s best bowlers and it appeals to non-bowlers who once upon a time may have seen bowls in a different light.

The players have embraced the BPL format and done a terrific job entertaining the crowds at the host venues and back at home tuning into the live broadcast on Fox Sports, Kayo Sports and Sky Sport NZ.

Bowls Premier League 15 – #BPL15

May 23-27, 2022 at Club Pine Rivers, Brisbane, Queensland
• Day Sessions: From ~9am AEST (Stream live via Bowls Australia Facebook)
• Night Sessions: From 4pm AEST (Watch live via Fox Sports, Kayo Sports & Sky Sport NZ)

Teams (#BPL15)

Adelaide Pioneers: Scott Thulborn, Wayne Ruediger, Katelyn Inch (Coach – Les Carter)
Brisbane Pirates: Alex Marshall MBE, Chris Rosanes, Jo Edwards MNZM (Coach – Michael Breen)
Gold Coast Hawks: Shannon McIlroy, Nathan Rice, Kelsey Cottrell (Coach – Steven Tong)
Melbourne eXtreme: Ali Forsyth, Matt Flapper, Carla Krizanic (Coach – Kelvin Kerkow OAM)
Melbourne Pulse: Barrie Lester, Gary Kelly, Ellen Ryan (Coach – Jeremy Henry)
Moama Steamers: Ryan Bester, Aron Sherriff, Natasha Van Eldik (Coach – Ryan Burnett)
Perth Suns: Cody Packer, Dawn Hayman, Kristina Krstic (Coach – Pieter Harris)
Sydney Lions: Ben Twist, Aaron Wilson, Karen Murphy AM (Coach – Steve Glasson OAM)
Tasmania Tridents: Taelyn Male, Mark Nitz, Rebecca Van Asch (Coach – Mark Strochnetter)
Tweed Heads Ospreys: Aaron Teys, Corey Wedlock, Chloe Stewart (Coach – Wayne Turley OAM)

Event Format & Rules

Each of the 10 BPL teams will play each other twice over 18 rounds during the competition. At the end of the 18 qualifying rounds, the top five teams will play off in Friday night’s finals series.

The top five teams are decided by points. If teams are equal on points they will be split on net total shots (shots for minus shots against).

Each match consists of two five-end sets, with a one-end tie-break played if required. The game format is pairs, with three bowls for each player per end. BPL matches take just over one hour from start to finish and deciding the winner is simple. The team that wins both sets or one set and then the tie-break is the winner.

Instead of spending time rolling the jack, as per normal competitions, BPL players place the mat and advise the marker the length of the jack they would like to play to.

To keep games progressing, players will have 30 seconds to deliver their bowl from the time the jack is placed at the start of an end, or once their opposition bowl has come to a rest, ensuring the next suspenseful result is only moments away.

BPL teams will also be able to nominate one Power Play end per set, enabling teams to earn double the shots scored in that end.

Some days players just aren’t on top of their game, maybe its only for a few ends, maybe its for a whole match, in order to get the best players the sport has to offer out on the green, a team coach can replace a player with a substitute during the game, but only immediately preceding the delivery of a bowl by their team player.

If a tie-break is required to decide the winner, all players on both teams will take to the green, with the format changing to two-bowl-triples for that end.

Honour Roll

APL012013BrisbaneBrisbane Gold4-4, 8-2Adelaide EnduranceScott Thulborn (Adelaide Endurance)
APL022014BrisbaneMurray Steamers6-2, 5-3Adelaide EnduranceAlex Marshall (Murray Steamers)
APL032015BrisbaneNew Zealand Blackjacks6-3, 0-8, 1-0Adelaide EnduranceMark Casey (Gold Coast Hawks)
BPL042016BrisbaneSydney Lions6-4, 10-6Murray SteamersRyan Bester (Murray Steamers)
BPL052017Auckland (NZ)Sydney Lions3-2, 6-3New Zealand BlackjacksShannon McIlroy (New Zealand Blackjacks)
BPL062017BrisbaneSydney Lions10-0, 8-1Illawarra GorillasAron Sherriff (Sydney Lions)
BPL072018Lower Hutt (NZ)Gold Coast Hawks5-3, 7-7Brisbane PiratesAron Sherriff (Gold Coast Hawks)
BPL082018BrisbaneBrisbane Pirates9-2, 6-2Murray SteamersRyan Bester (Murray Steamers)
BPL092019Lower Hutt (NZ)Illawarra Gorillas6-9, 7-1, 1-0Brisbane PiratesAlex Marshall (Brisbane Pirates)
BPL102019BrisbaneTweed Heads Ospreys9-0, 8-1Sydney LionsAaron Teys (Tweed Heads Ospreys)
BPL112020MoamaMurray Steamers6-1, 3-11, 1-0Melbourne RoysAron Sherriff (Sydney Lions) & Aaron Wilson (Melbourne Roys)
BPL122021MoamaTweed Heads Ospreys4-1, 6-0Adelaide PioneersScott Thulborn (Adelaide Pioneers)
BPL132021 (April)BrisbaneTweed Heads Ospreys12-2, 7-1Murray SteamersAaron Teys (Tweed Heads Ospreys)
BPL14 2022MoamaSydney Lions5-11, 7-4, 1-0Moama SteamersAron Sherriff (Gold Coast Hawks)
BPL152022 (May)BrisbaneMelbourne Pulse5-3, 3-8, 1-0Melbourne eXtremeAron Sherriff (Moama Steamers)
* BPL was formerly known as the APL – Australian Premier League

BPL All Stars

BPL14: Aron Sherriff (Gold Coast Hawks), Ben Twist (Sydney Lions), Kelsey Cottrell (Gold Coast Hawks) and coach Steve Glasson (Sydney Lions)

BPL15: Aron Sherriff (Moama Steamers), Matt Flapper (Melbourne eXtreme), Rebecca Van Asch (Tasmania Tridents) and coaches Jeremy Henry & Scott De Jongh (Melbourne Pulse)