Walking frames

A walking frame is a device used to aid mobility, and its use on a bowls green is governed by Bowls Australia’s Artificial Devices Policy.

Presently, the policy outlines that walking frames can be used, provided the frame does not cause damage to the green. To eliminate damage that may be caused to the green, the frame must comply with the following: Preferably wheels of 45mm and pneumatic as applied to wheelchairs or wide wheels that are smooth and without tread. If the frame has “feet”, each one must have its own base covered with rubber or similar material. The base should measure at least 76mm across.

4.1.2 Players are not to sit on their frames while on the green unless each “foot” and wheel complies with the specifications above.

Information on Bowls Australia’s approved walking frames can be found below.

Approved walking frames:

Bowlers Mobility

• Bowls Walker Deluxe: View brochure.