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If you are purchasing a Rookie Rollers kit for a club, click here.

To place an order for Rookie Rollers or Rookie Rollers All Abilities equipment, please fill out the form located below.

Please be aware that excess postage fees may occur outside capital cities.
Re-Delivery Fees will also be charged back to the school.

If you are purchasing Rookie Rollers or Rookie Rollers All Abilities equipment as part of Sporting Schools Funding, please ensure you have made a package booking through the Sporting Schools Portal in addition to purchasing here.

Included in the kits are:

Rookie RollersRookie Rollers
All Abilities
x1 wheeled equipment bag
x32 light-weight rubber bowls
(16 blue, 16 orange)
✅ (includes indent on bias)
x8 jacks✅ (4 purple, 4 red)
x50 cones
Target score mat
x8 stepping mats
x30 activity cards
x8 small target hurdles
x1 bowling arm
x1 bowling ramp

For every two kits purchased in a transaction, a complimentary scoring wedge is included. Scoring wedge’s are able to be purchased separately.

Please note, your payment is NOT taken online. Your kit will be dispatched upon your order being received and your school will be invoiced for the purchase.

If you are part of the Bowls Australia Sporting Schools program you can contact Bowls Australia on 03 9480 7100 or email participation@bowls.com.au for any assistance.

Bowls Australia’s Rookie Rollers & Rookie Rollers All Abilities Order Form

Rookie Rollers Order Form – Sporting Schools
Rookie Rollers Kits & Equipment
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Rookie Rollers All Abilities Kits & Equipment
**postage fees will apply

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(Please note you may receive an email confirming your order (including freight charges). An invoice will then be sent out to the address listed along with your order.) *excess postage fees may occur outside capital cities.

Rookie Rollers backpack

A smaller Rookie Rollers kit is also available for purchase and is great to use at home or to bring to a bowls club.

Four and eight bowl backpacks are available for purchase from the official Bowls Australia e-store.