National Bowls Census

Following an exhaustive process, which was executed through the co-operation and collaboration of all state and territory associations, as well as a substantial proportion of bowls clubs nation-wide, the initial Census Report was produced. Subsequently, updated Reports have been produced on an annual basis.

I’m sure you will find these publications both an exciting and informative document, which is split into the national statistics over the initial pages followed by a detailed section on each state/territory association.

It is important to mention that all club data is held confidentially by the census facilitator, Street Ryan & Associates Pty Ltd, and is not shared with Bowls Australia, STAs or any third party.

What the figures do allow the sport to do, however, is to develop strategic planning and decisions based on the evidence found from the data and to strengthen funding requests across all government and non-government organisations.  In fact, the recent injection of development funding from the Australian Sports Commission was largely due to Bowls Australia’s capacity to demonstrate accurate census figures on membership and participation.

With that in mind, it is intended that the National Bowls Census will become one of the main information systems for future development and benchmarking for bowls, as it has for other high profile sports (AFL, Cricket, Golf, etc).

Data collection for the census will occur annually in the March to April timeslot, with reporting and results completed by mid-year.  The response of every club is crucial to the validity of the census data, and I look forward to the support of all clubs in the future, assisting with achieving long-term prosperity of bowls within Australia.

If you have any questions or comments concerning the National Bowls Census Report, please don’t hesitate to call (03) 9480 7100 or email

The national censuses are now available and can be downloaded via the links below.

2016 National Bowls Census Report
2015 National Bowls Census Report
2014 National Bowls Census Report
2013 National Bowls Census Report
2012 National Bowls Census Report
2011 National Bowls Census Report
2010 National Bowls Census Report