Awards Night honour roll

Congratulations to all the past award winners listed below:

YearMale Bowler of the YearFemale Bowler of the Year
2023Aron Sherriff (QLD)Cassandra Millerick (VIC)
2022Nick Cahill (QLD)Kelsey Cottrell (QLD)
2021Corey Wedlock (NSW)Dawn Hayman (NSW)
2020Peter Taylor (NSW)Genevieve Delves (NSW)
2019Aron Sherriff (QLD)Natasha Scott (NSW)
2018David Ferguson (NSW)Natasha Scott (NSW)
2017Barrie Lester (VIC)Carla Krizanic (VIC)
2016Ryan Bester (Canada)Natasha Scott (nee Van Eldik) (NSW)
2015Ryan Bester (Canada)Natasha Scott (nee Van Eldik) (NSW)
2014Brett Wilkie (QLD)Karen Murphy (NSW)
2013Mark Casey (QLD)Karen Murphy (NSW)
2012Aron Sherriff (NSW)Natasha Van Eldik (NSW)
2011Mark Casey (QLD)Lysney Armitage (QLD)
YearInternational Male
Bowler of the Year
International Female
Bowler of the Year
2023Aron Sherriff (QLD)Kelsey Cottrell (QLD)
2022Aaron Wilson (NSW)Lynsey Clarke (QLD)
2020Corey Wedlock (NSW)Kelsey Cottrell (QLD)
2019Aron Sherriff (QLD)Rebecca Van Asch (TAS)
YearInternational Bowler of the Year
2019Award separated into Male & Female categories
2018Brett Wilkie (QLD)
2017Aaron Wilson (NSW)
2016Aron Sherriff (NSW)
2015Matthew Flapper (VIC)
2014Aron Sherriff (NSW)
2013Aron Sherriff (NSW)
2012Aron Sherriff (NSW)
2011Mark Casey (QLD)
YearInternational Male Para Bowler of the YearInternational Female Para Bowler of the Year
2023James Reynolds (NSW)Serena Bonnell (QLD)
YearUnder-18 Male
Bowler of the Year
Under-18 Female
Bowler of the Year
2023Riley Gerick (QLD)Reese Finn-Young (NSW)
2022Jack McShane (NSW)Taylor De Greenlaw (NSW)
2021Jake Rynne (QLD)Kate Argent-Bowden (SA)
2020Kane Nelson (QLD)Kira Bourke (QLD)
2019Jarryd Davies (VIC)Kira Bourke (QLD)
2018Josh Studham (SA)Jessie Cottell (QLD)
2017Jono Davis (NSW)Jessica Srisamruaybai (QLD)
2016Jono Davis (NSW)Tiffany Brodie (VIC)
2015Jono Davis (NSW)Jamie-Lee Worsnop (NSW)
2014Michael Sims (TAS)Chloe Stewart (VIC)
2013Sean Ingham (QLD)Renee McPharlin (SA)
2012Sean Mawdsley (NSW)Kristina Krstic (WA)
2011Dylan Fisher (VIC)Carly Griffiths (QLD)
YearMale Bowler with a Disability of the YearFemale Bowler with a Disability of the Year
2023Jake Fehlberg (QLD)Serena Bonnell (QLD)
YearBowler with a Disability of the Year
2023Award separated into Male & Female categories
2022Serena Bonnell (QLD)
2021Damien Delgado (QLD)
2020Jake Fehlberg (QLD)
2019Josh Barry (VIC)
2018Jake Fehlberg (QLD)
2017Lynne Seymour (QLD)
2016Josh Barry (VIC)

YearCoach of the Year
2023James Reynolds (NSW)
2022John Rodis (NSW)
2021Brad Holland (VIC)
2020Gary Willis (NSW)
2019Alan Thorp (QLD)
2018Steve Glasson (NSW), Gary Willis (NSW) & Kelvin Kerkow (QLD)
2017Les Carter (SA)
2016Therese Hastings (WA)
2015Tony Hockey (WA)
2014Graeme Clements (VIC)
2013Jaewyn Norton (WA)
2012Jack Hawkins (NSW)
2011Peter Bowden (WA)
YearOfficial of the Year
2023Ryan Havercroft (WA)
2022Ann Walsh (VIC)
2021Lesley Swales (NSW)
2020Not awarded
2019Neil Smillie (VIC)
2018Sue Hogg (WA)
2017Laureen Smith (VIC)
2016Sandy Wallace (SA)
2015Bob Carlson (VIC)
2014John Roberts (VIC)
2013Pam Hockings (NSW)
2012Peter Delaney (VIC)
2011Terrie Crozier (NT)
YearVolunteer of the Year
2023Terry Ledger (NSW) & Dennis Heath (NSW)
2022Eric Sydenham (VIC)
2021Beverley Rush (QLD)
2020Gary Costigan (QLD)
2019Rhonda Edwards (VIC)
2018Geoff O’Meagher (QLD)
2017John Luchetti (NSW)
2016Ben Woods (QLD) & Ray Ganderton (QLD)
2015John Smith (NSW)
2014George Vayonitis (VIC)
2013Beth Young (SA)
2012Valerie Savage (VIC)
2011Harvie Hele (VIC)
YearClub of the Year
2023Club Tweed (QLD)
2022Club Merrylands (NSW)
2021Club Sunbury (VIC)
2020Dandenong Club (VIC) & South Perth Bowling Club (WA)
2019Suburban Townsville (QLD)
2018Rockhampton (QLD)
2017Torquay Bowls Club (VIC)
2016Club Helensvale (QLD) & Manning Memorial Bowls Club (WA)
YearCommunity Service Award
2023Avalon Bowling Club & The Northern Beaches Vision-Impaired Group (NSW)
2022Chirnside Park Bowls Club (VIC)
2021Padstow Bowling Club (NSW)
2020Club Sapphire (Merimbula, NSW)

YearRegional Bowls Manager of the Year
2019Not awarded
2018John Emerson (VIC)
2017Andrew Howie (QLD)
2016Josh Thornton (VIC – North East Victoria)
2015Chris Wallace (NSW – Sydney Metro)
2014Peter Nixon (VIC – Western Victoria)
2013Garry Dillon (VIC – North East Victoria)
YearStory of the Year
2017Not awarded
2016Fox Sports Australia
2015Terry Wilson (Gold Coast Bulletin)
2014Michael Sexton (ABC Adelaide)
2013Michael Sexton (ABC Adelaide)
2012Patrick McErlean (Lawn Bowls World)
2011Roger Oldridge (Channell 10)

YearProfessional Administrator of the Year
2013Not awarded
2012Paul Barnes (VIC)
2011Michael Beaumont (NSW)
YearVolunteer Administrator of the Year
2013Not awarded
2012Mark Cowan (VIC)
2011Graham Howard (VIC)