All Abilities

Bowls Australia is proud that bowls is a sport for all people, regardless of age, gender, ability, ethnicity or background. Our goal is to create positive environments and experiences for all people who participate in bowls, and encourage our affiliated clubs to embrace diversity and actively include all members of the community. Inclusion relies upon positive attitudes, effective communication, inclusive policies and practices and appropriate access.

Participation in sport and recreation provides positive physical, mental and social health outcomes for all people, and is equally as beneficial for those with a physical and/or intellectual impairment. Clubs who embrace diversity and practice inclusive practices also benefit from:

  • Increased membership
  • Access to additional elite pathways
  • Increased sponsorship and funding opportunities
  • Increased networks
  • Increased support and volunteer base
  • Greater publicity and positive public image
  • More cohesive and diverse sporting community
  • Barriers and misconceptions allayed

Sport Inclusion Australia, Deaf Sport Australia and Blind Sport Australia have developed a collaborative partnership to maximise resources, expertise and vast experience over many years working within the sector. This shared vision will create an effective way of building the capacity of sport, recreation and the fitness industry to be more inclusive. Below are links to their Inclusive Sport Toolkit and associated resources, which can be used as a starting point to consider how your club can be more inclusive of all abilities.

Inclusive Club Success Stories


Bowlers breaking down barriers

Jake Fehlberg – 2018 Commonwealth Games gold medallist

Lucas Protopapas – 2019 Australian Open Multi-Disability Pairs winner

Tiffany Brodie – Former Emerging Jackaroo