Bowlers’ Arms

Approved bowlers arms

A bowlers arm is designed to assist a bowler who cannot continue to bowl without the aid of the artificial device and can be used in any competition within Australia.

Typically they are used where a person has hip/knee complaints which restrict their ability to bend down to deliver the bowl correctly.

There are currently three types of bowlers arms approved for use in Australia.  They are known as ‘The Bowling Arm’, the ‘Bionic Bowler Arm’ and the ‘DHB arm’.  Each device is manufactured in several lengths and some include varying release mechanisms.

The bowling arm category is part of the NMP and only Bowls Australia (BA) licensed manufacturers are able to produce bowling arms for use in pennant and above competition.

You can purchase a bowlers arm through the network of retailers listed below.

Artificial Devices Policy

‘The Bowling Arm’
‘The Bionic Bowler Bowlers Arm’

‘The DHB Bowlers Arms – purple – graphite’
‘The DHB Bowlers Arms – black’

‘The DHB Bowlers Arms – purple – fibreglass’
‘The DHB Bowlers Arms – red’

‘Centre off-set button release – right / left’
‘Squeeze or pull release’

‘Squeeze or pull release’
‘Bowlers Arm’

Bowlers’ Arms licensed manufacturers

The Bowling Arm
12B Nolan St
Bendigo, VIC 3550
Ph: (03) 5443 7133
Fax: 03 54441088
Bee’s Knees Bowls Accessories
6 Fairview Crt
Mossiface, VIC 3885
Ph: 03 5157 5443
Dean Winton
106 Oaks Avenue
Shelly Beach, NSW 2261
Ph: 0410 292 355