Sporting Schools program overview

Rookie Rollers is designed to enable kids to participate in an engaging format which is both fun and inclusive.

Importantly, it can be conducted on almost any surface that is flat.

Rookie Rollers is designed primarily for primary school children, aged between five and twelve.

As part of the Sporting Schools initiative, Rookie Rollers must be conducted over a minimum of four sessions – with plenty of activities for coordinators/teachers to choose from based on the groups level of skill and development.

Rookie Rollers aims to introduce children to the sport; so the program can be run on any surface within the school environment, eliminating the challenge of getting children to a green.

The program involves a minimum of four lessons either coordinator or teacher lead.

Each lesson will have a range of games based activities for the kids to participate in from the 36 activity cards that are provided in the kit.

The Kit is essential for all programs and cannot be run without one.

Once the program has finished teachers are able to continue using the Kit as it is theirs to keep so kids can continue playing Bowls at school for years to come.

Rookie Rollers will appeal to schools because bowls is the most inclusive sport available on the sporting schools program.

There’s no advantage for being a particular gender, age or height as it is a non-physical sport that provides an even playing field for all.

It provides an opportunity for every child to play and compete, can be played before, during and after school, and supports the Australian curriculum.

Rookie Rollers certificate

Children that complete a Sporting Schools Rookie Rollers course can be awarded a certificate, which can be downloaded below.