Juniors & Kids

Bowls Australia has an exciting participation product called Rookie Rollers, aimed at bringing the sport of bowls to kids around the nation.

Bowls is an emerging sport in schools, and Rookie Rollers is designed to enable kids to participate in an engaging format, which is both fun and inclusive.

Importantly, it can be conducted on a range of surfaces including greens, carpets, concrete, wooden floors and just about anything else that is flat.

This eliminates the restrictions of requiring a bowling green to introduce new audiences to the sport.

Rookie Rollers kits can be purchased by clubs or individuals.

Purchase a Rookie Rollers kit

Rookie Rollers is also available through the Australian Government’s Sporting Schools program, which provides funding directly to schools to access a range of sports; Schools can then select bowls to use the Rookie Rollers kit to deliver four or more sessions in their school.

Sporting Schools Rookie Rollers

Developing junior bowls policy and guidelines

As a consequence of the growing number of junior participants in the sport of bowls, Bowls Australia developed a junior policy to guide the development of junior bowlers into the future.

The ‘developing junior bowls: policy and guidelines’ provide the necessary assistance and direction for clubs in their efforts to increase junior membership.

• Developing junior bowls: policy and guidelines