Club benchmarking

Club Health Check

The CLUBMAP Health Check survey allows community bowls clubs to identify specific areas of club operations that may need improvement. 

This could include aspects such as facilities, membership, sponsorship or other areas of operational effectiveness. 

By collecting feedback directly from club volunteers and administrators, our survey can pinpoint weaknesses or areas that require attention, providing a clear roadmap for the club’s committee to follow. The Health Check also sheds light on the club’s strengths and what is being done well. 

This data-driven approach ensures that the committee can allocate resources, time, and effort strategically. 

Once complete, CLUBMAP’s Health Check displays all survey results in a clear and concise report.

This concise report is not only easily digestible for decision-makers, but also facilitates easier communication of survey results to members and other stakeholders.


Game Plan is a free online platform that allows sporting clubs of all sizes to get insights into their current capability in key areas of club administration, then supports ongoing club development with a suite of tools.

Clubs assess and evaluate their own environment, identifying their unique strengths and potential areas for improvement.

Volunteers are the heart of every club. Game Plan makes it easy for club leaders to assess and analyse information about holistic club operations, to make good immediate decisions whilst developing clear plans for the club’s future.

Over 1,700 Australian sporting clubs across 70 different sports are gaining key development and capability growth through their use of Game Plan.


Good Sports works together with local sporting clubs to build a healthier sporting nation.

Good Sports supports local sports clubs, social teams and elite clubs at the pinnacle of their profession.

The program has helped over 7000 sporting clubs across Australia provide a safe and inclusive environment, where everyone can get involved.

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