Australian Indoor Championships

December 6-9, 2021 – Tweed Heads, NSW

UPDATE (July 15): Due to the extended COVID-19-related greater-Sydney lockdown and numerous border restrictions impacting the event’s viability, the 2021 Australian Indoor Championships have been postponed from August to December.

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Honour Roll

YearMen’s ChampionWomen’s Champion
1988Dennis Dalton (NSW)N/A
1989Alex Mathews (QLD)N/A
1990Rex Johnston (NSW)N/A
1991Trevor Morris (QLD)N/A
1992Dennis Katunarich (WA)N/A
1993 Ian Taylor (SA)N/A
1994Steve Glasson (QLD)N/A
1995Ian Schuback (QLD)N/A
1996Ian Schuback (QLD)N/A
1997Steve Glasson (QLD)N/A
1998Steve Glasson (QLD)N/A
1999Steve Glasson (QLD)N/A
2000Rex Johnston (NSW)N/A
2001Steve Glasson (QLD)N/A
2002Steve Glasson (QLD)N/A
2003Steve Glasson (QLD)Diana Cunnington (QLD)
2004Steve Glasson (QLD)Claire Duke (VIC)
2005Steve Glasson (QLD)Maria Rigby (NSW)
2006Kelvin Kerkow (QLD)Judy Nardella (VIC)
2007Kelvin Kerkow (QLD)Karen Murphy (NSW)
2008Leif Selby (NSW)Karen Murphy (NSW)
2009Anthony Kiepe (QLD)Karen Murphy (NSW)
2010Brett Wilkie (QLD)Katrina Wright (NSW)
2011Jeremy Henry (NSW)Karen Murphy (NSW)
2012Mark Casey (QLD)Karen Murphy (NSW)
2013Tony Wood (VIC)Karen Murphy (NSW)
2014David Holt (NSW)Jamie-Lee Worsnop (NSW)
2015Jeremy Henry (NSW)Carla Krizanic (VIC)
2016Jeremy Henry (NSW)Natasha Scott (NSW)
2017David Ferguson (NSW)Rebecca Van Asch (TAS)
2018Aaron Teys (NSW)Rebecca Van Asch (TAS)
2019Robert Briglia (VIC)Genevieve Delves (NSW)