Roll Back The Clock

Current program locations

LocationFormatDays/TimesStart dateProgram durationRegistration link
Dandenong Bowling ClubWeeklyWednesday, 11.15amMay 158 weeksRegister here
Vermont South Bowling ClubWeeklyFriday, 11.30amMay 108 weeksRegister here
Leeton Soldiers ClubWeeklyTuesday, 11amMay 288 weeksEnquire through club
Mackay City Bowling ClubWeeklyTuesday, 10.30amJune 118 weeksEnquire through club

What is Roll Back the Clock?

Roll Back the Clock aims to boost physical activity rates among Australians aged 65 and over through bowls, light exercise and education.

Health-related reasons (including physical and mental health as well as disability or poor health or injury) are the main barriers for older Australians participating in sport or physical activities.

It will get you out and about, doing fun activities, learning about good health and socialising with likeminded people. It is based around the government initiative of “Finding your 30” minutes of activity on at least 3 to 4 days each week.

Sessions will be adapted for individuals and benefits include flexibility, muscular endurance and strength and in some instances aerobic/cardiovascular exercise.

Currently, only 25 per cent of Australians over 65 meet the Department of Health physical activity guidelines of 30 minutes of activity per day.

(Limit of 20 people per session, see above for further information on program locations, dates & times)

What are the benefits?

The program offers a low-cost opportunity for older Australians to take part in accessible activities and provides opportunities for those socially isolated to engage with new people and education.

In addition to the health benefits, engaging in physical activity and group sports for older Australians provides increasingly important opportunities for socialisation, peer-support, and conversation that reduces the possibility for loneliness related physical and mental illnesses.

What’s involved?

A two-part activity for the body and mind that incorporates bowls, functional training, fitness and wellness education and socialisation.

Sessions will be adapted for individuals and benefits will range from enabling participants to perform activities of daily life more easily, to withstanding injuries and providing a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

Fitness gains from the program will include flexibility, muscular endurance and strength and in some instances aerobic/cardiovascular exercise.

What’s in a standard one-hour session?

30 minutes of activity/exercise (body)

These components will be fun, safe with functional exercises incorporating bowls, rubber balls and resistance bands.

30 minutes of a wellness/educational/social session (mind)

Engaging, interactive topics which may include, why exercise helps, how to age well, healthy brain, mindfulness, what is the pelvic floor it and how it helps, eating well and moving right.

How can I get involved?

Programs will return in 2024 at locations around Australia. Bowls Australia is now accepting submissions from club and trainers wishing to be involved. If you or your club would like to be a part of Roll Back the Clock please get in touch via email –

Roll Back The Clock At Home

During COVID-19, Bowls Australia have released a new video exercise series, called ‘Roll Back The Clock At Home’, which is proudly presented by Stockland Retirement Living, that can be completed at home and in isolation, to help Australians find their 30 minutes of daily exercise.

• Roll Back The Clock At Home

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to attend every session?

You can come to some or all of the sessions it’s entirely up to you. The recent government guidelines recommend at least 30 minutes of activity every day so why not make this part of your day.

2. Why do I have to register online?

We need to know who is coming to the program so we can plan appropriately. We also need some basic health information about you so our trainers are prepared to look after you and tailor the program to your needs.

3. Can I register in person?

Yes! You can go into the club where the program is and register using a paper entry form.  Please note, you will need to pay in cash and this must be done prior to the program commencing. 

4. Do I have to participate in all the sessions or all the activities?

Not at all, you are welcome to watch or take a rest if you need to. Your trainer will look after you, encourage you and ensure you have the best possible experience.

5. Do I have to know how to bowl?

Not at all, the majority of the program is not about bowls.  Towards the end of the program we will introduce bowls and will have people there to show you the basics.

6. Why do I have to give medical details when I register?

This is to ensure your safety during the program. As you will be participating in physical exercise, this information will assist the trainer to adjust the exercise to suit your needs and help keep you safe. It’s always advisable to talk to your doctor prior to commencing an exercise program.


For any more information about the program, please contact: