Optimal Governance & Administrative Model

Published: April 7, 2020

Bowls Australia is currently undertaking a review to identify the optimal governance and administration model(s) for the Australian Bowls Community.

This is a key project within the Bowls Australia 2018-2022 Strategic Plan under improving Our Business Model. The purpose of the project is to identify the optimal governance/administrative model(s) for Bowls in Australia. The following outcomes will be delivered as part of the project:

  • A detailed outline of the pros and cons of the current governance and administrative structures and systems across Bowls in Australia;
  • A detailed evaluation of the pros and cons of organisational unification (i.e. governance and/or operations);
  •  Recommendations on the best governance and administration structure(s) for Bowls in Australia;
  • Identification of key issues which require resolution; and
  • An action plan for implementation of the recommended model(s), detailing key milestones and accountabilities

Note: This review is not about changing any competitions, events, pennants or regions of play in any way shape or form.

Benefits for Members
This review is about exploring the future governance options for the sport, and the following is what we are trying to achieve:

  • Improve revenue opportunities for the sport as a whole
  • Allow more resources to be directed to member and club services
  • Improve the member/participant experience
  • Allow more investment into the marketing the game
  • Allow more investment into participation in the game
  • Provide the opportunity to access funding at a National level
  • Assist clubs to be more sustainable

The Process
Bowls Australia, with the financial support of Sport Australia has appointed Sport Business Partners (SBP) as the independent consultants to facilitate this process.

A Project Working Group has been formed after seeking expressions of interest from each STA, who will provide a series of recommendations to Bowls Australia. This will be based on a robust data collection and consultation process undertaken as part of the project.

This page will be continually updated with information regarding the project. The timeframe for the project is provided below:

      • Project Working Group (PWG) appointed – December 2019
      • PWG scoping workshop – January 2020
      • PWG working session 1 – February
      • Consultation with key stakeholders – April
      • Online survey with the bowls community opens – April
      • PWG working session 2 – late April
      • Online survey/submissions close – May
      • Update to State Consultative Body – June
      • Final report – late June 2020

Working Group:
Bob Boorman – Bowls Australia Director (Chair)
Chris Wallace – Bowls Australia GM, Participation & Programs
Ben Haywood – Sport AUS Senior Consultant, Sport Governance & Strategy
Michael Haarsma – Bowls Australia Better Ageing Program Manager
Greg Helm – Bowls NSW CEO
Dilys Kindlesides – Women’s Bowls NSW Director
Tony Sherwill – Bowls Victoria CEO
Brett Wilkie – Bowls QLD CEO
Ken Pride – Bowls WA CEO
Mark Easton – Bowls SA CEO
Kate Lyttle – Bowls ACT CEO
Graham Hay – Bowls Tasmania President
Col Crossingham – Zone 5 Rep – Bowls NSW Affiliation
Gerard Robinson – Tweed Heads BC CEO – Bowls QLD Affiliation

Sport Business Partners
Martin Hirons – Managing Director
Ben Manning – Senior Consultant
Anna Eades – Consultant

Advisory Group:
Darryl Clout – Bowls Australia President (Chair)
Bob Boorman – Bowls Australia Director
Neil Dalrymple – Bowls Australia CEO
Ben Haywood – Sport AUS Senior Consultant, Sport Governance & Strategy
Vince Del Prete – Bowls WA Director & Athletics WA CEO
Matthew Romaine – Bowls SA Director