Letter of Support Request – Grant Funding

If your club requires a Letter of Support from Bowls Australia for any grant applications please submit the below request form. By submitting this request we kindly ask to be kept up to date regarding the outcome of the application and project developments as appropriate.

Key considerations into submitting the form:

  1. Allow a 10 day timeframe for letters to be complete. Any requests put in outside this timeframe may not be completed by the requested date or at all.
  2. BA will endeavour to write the letters before the date requested, but sometimes this is not possible and we will get to them before the grant closes
  3. Provide as much information as possible, the more information provided the better it is.
  4. Once the letter is complete we will send it to the clubs relevant CSM to forward to the club. 

Any questions please contact Patrick at pnewson@bowls.com.au or (03) 9480 7100 

Letter of Support Request Form – Grant Funding Application

Club Information

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Please select your Club Support Manager from the dropdown list.

Grant Information

Enter the name of the grant you are applying for
Enter the name of the grants governing body
What will the grant primarily be used for
What will be involved in this project, provide as much detail as possible