Grants & Funding


Each year hundreds of millions of dollars are given in grants funding for all sorts of projects and for all sorts of groups, including many Australian bowling clubs and sports-related projects.

Grants are a source of money that can enable your club to tackle projects, renovations or events that may not have been possible if you were relying on the usual methods of fundraising.

It is not just the dollars that benefit the club; grants can provide an endorsement of what your club is doing, and that itself can bring wider recognition, publicity and support.

It can also provide an important morale-booster to all within your club involved in the funded project.

Bowls Australia through its partnership with Sports Community presents available grants in the listing below.

Support with your Grant application can be sourced through Sports Community (note this does not include writing the application for you) – please reach out to Sports Community –

With regard to grants that follow, please note that neither Bowls Australia nor our partner Sports Community are monitoring the Local Government’s (LGA) for their regular minor and major grants programs. We highly recommend that the Grants Officer at your club is in regular contact with your LGA; subscribed to council newsletters and social media platforms for these grants as they become available.

Further information regarding preparing for a Grant submission can be found in our Resource Hub where if you haven’t already you can register for a free account and access a range of resources from Bowls Australia.

Last updated: 18th April 2024

Active Grants


 OPEN GRANTSStateOpensClosingTypeLink
Trees for Bees Community Tree GrantsNationalNowMay 19, 2024LandscapingCommunity Tree Grants – The Wheen Bee Foundation
Regional Precincts & Partnership Program  Stream One: PrecinctNationalNowOngoingInfrastructureRegional Precincts and Partnerships Program (rPPP) – Stream One: Precinct development and planning |
Gambling Community Benefit FundNationalNowOngoingStrategy
Current Grant Opportunity View – GO6633: GrantConnect (
National Pies for Local HeroesNationalNowOngoingGeneralNational Pies for Local Heroes – Tasmanian Bakeries


 OPEN GRANTSStateOpensClosingTypeLink
Forecasted – Performance Sponsorship ProgramACTJuneMiscPerformance Sponsorship Program – Sport and Recreation (
Westfund Community Grants ProgramACTAll YearAll YearMiscWestfund Community Grants Program | Westfund Health Insurance
Variety – The Children’s CharityNSW/ACTNowOngoingMiscGet Help – Variety NSW/ACT


 OPEN GRANTSStateOpensClosingTypeLink
Mental Health Month General GrantNSWNowJune 7, 2024Mental HealthAbout the Grants | Mental Health Month October (
Sydney Water Community GrantsNSWMay 6, 2024July 1, 2024SustainabilitySydney Water Community Grants – Sports Community
Electric vehicle destination charging grantsNSWNowAug 2, 2024FacilitiesElectric vehicle destination charging grants | NSW Climate and Energy Action
Westfund Community GrantsNSWAll YearAll YearMiscWestfund Community Grants Program | Westfund Health Insurance
Variety – The Children’s CharityNSW/ACTNowOngoingMiscGet Help – Variety NSW/ACT


 OPEN GRANTSStateOpensClosingTypeLink
Places and Spaces – Quick Response  GrantNTJuly 1, 2023May 31, 2024Equipment
Places and Spaces – Quick Response Grant Program | Search | GrantsNT Administration
Achievements: National Selection  Grant ProgramNTJuly 17, 2023May 31, 2024Athlete
General Grant Program 2023/24 (Office of Gender Equity and Diversity)NTNowMay 31, 2024Gender EqualityGeneral Grant Program 2023/24 (Office of Gender Equity and Diversity) | Search | GrantsNT Administration
Healthy Living NT Community Grants ProgramNTNowMay 31, 2024HealthCommunity Grants Program | Healthy Living NT
Community Development Grant ProgramNTNowJune 30, 2026AthleteAchievements – National
Selection Grant Program |
Search | GrantsNT
Remote Sport ProgramNTNowOngoingParticipation
Remote sport program | NT.GOV.AU


 OPEN GRANTSStateOpensClosingTypeLink
Torres Strait Community Sports & Recreation grantsQLDNowJune 30, 2024MiscTorres Strait Community Sport and Recreation Program | Department of Tourism and Sport (
Emerging Athlete PathwaysQLDNowOngoingAthleteEmerging Athlete Pathways | Recreation, sport and arts | Queensland Government (
Westfund Community Grant ProgramQLDAll yearAll yearMiscWestfund Community Grants Program | Westfund Health Insurance

South Australia

 OPEN GRANTSStateOpensClosingTypeLink
South Australian Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Grants ProgramSANowMay 24, 2024First AidSouth Australian Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Grants Program • Preventive Health SA
Carbon Neutral Catalyst GrantsSA (City of Adelaide)NowMay 31, 2024SustainabilityCarbon Neutral Catalyst Grants | City of Adelaide
Expand Together GrantsSANowAug 31, 2024Multicultural FacilitiesExpand Together Grants | Department of the Premier and Cabinet (
Adelaide Hills Community GrantSASep 1, 2024Sep 30, 2024MiscCommunity Grants • Adelaide Hills Council (
City of Port Lincoln – Community Grant  Funding ProgramSAAll yearAll yearMiscCommunity Grant Funding Program | City of Port Lincoln


 OPEN GRANTS StateOpensClosingTypeLink
Junior Travel Assistance ProgramTASSep 15, 2023May 30, 2024AthleteGrants and funding | Active Tasmania
Step Forward GrantsTASJuly 1, 2023TBAMiscStep Forward grants | Tasmanian Department of Health
Individual Support ProgramTASNowOngoingAthleteIndividual Support Program | Tasmanian Institute of Sport (
Sporting Competition Access FundTASNowOngoingAthleteSporting Competitions Access Fund | Tasmanian Institute of Sport (
National Representative FundTASNowOngoingAthleteNational Representative Fund | Tasmanian Institute of Sport (
Tasmania Community FundTasNowOngoingYouth ProjectsTasmanian Community Fund (


 OPEN GRANTSStateOpensClosingTypeLink
Emergency Sporting Equipment  Grant ProgramVICNowMay 31, 2024EquipmentEmergency Sporting Equipment Grant Program – Sport and Recreation Victoria
Business Recovery Advisory ServiceVICNowAug 30, 2024Strategy
Business Recovery Advisory Service | Business Victoria
Business Advice – GrantsVICOngoingOngoingGovernance
Business Advice | Business Victoria 

Western Australia

 OPEN GRANTS StateOpensClosingTypeLink
Clean Energy Future FundWANowJune 10, 2024SustainabilityClean Energy Future Fund | Western Australian Government (
Charge Up Workplace EV Charging GrantsWANowJune 31, 2024FacilitiesCharge Up Workplace EV Charging Grants (
Community Recovery Grants  ProgramWAAug 30, 2023April 20, 2025MiscCommunity Recovery Grants Program (
Active Regional Communities GrantsWAAll YearAll YearEvent
Active Regional Communities Grants (
Regional Organisation GrantsWAAll YearAll YearParticipation
Regional Organisation Grants | DLGSC
North-West Travel SubsidyWAAll YearAll YearAthleteNorth West Travel Subsidy | DLGSC
Regional Athlete Travel Subsidy  SchemeWAAll YearAll YearAthleteRegional Athlete Travel Subsidy Scheme | DLGSC
Regional Organisation GrantsWAAll YearAll YearParticipation 
Regional Organisation Grants | DLGSC

Letter of support request

If your club requires a Letter of Support from Bowls Australia for any grant applications, please submit the form by clicking here. By submitting this request we kindly ask to be kept up to date regarding the outcome of the application and project developments as appropriate.

Key considerations into submitting the form

  1. Allow a 10 day timeframe for letters to be complete. Any requests put in outside this timeframe may not be completed by the requested date or at all.
  2. BA will endeavour to write the letters before the date requested, but sometimes this is not possible and we will get to them before the grant closes.
  3. Provide as much information as possible, the more information provided the better it is.
  4. Once the letter is complete we will send it to the club’s relevant CSM to forward to the club.

Any questions please contact or (03) 9480 7100

Bowls Disaster Relief Fund

With the harsh conditions of the Australian landscape, natural disasters such as floods and fires can ravish and affect areas across the country in a short space of time, but just like the Australian ethos of looking after our mates, the lawn bowls fraternity will stand united in its support for bowling clubs and communities affected by tragic events through the Disaster Relief Fund initiative.