Wheelchair manufacturers

Below is a list of manufacturers who sell suitable wheelchairs or complete modifications, as per Bowls Australia’s Artificial Devices Policy.

Companies which feature an * listed next to their name can only provide a modification service or sell parts, but do not sell wheelchairs.

Modifications to a standard wheelchair could include:
• Adding thicker castors (front wheels)
• Adding thicker tires (back wheels)
• Using slicks tires or place tape over the tread

Melrose Wheelchairs – www.melrosewheelchairs.com.au/products/melrose-bowls/
* Technology for Ageing & Disability – www.tadq.org.au

New South Wales
Southern Mobility Solutions – www.southernmobilitysolutions.com.au/mobility-aids/
* Technology for Ageing & Disability – www.tadnsw.org.au/

Wheelability – www.wheelability.com.au/collections/casters
Mobility Plus – www.mobilityplus.com.au/index.php?ID=9&DID=195&PID=9
* Solve – www.solve.org.au/our-service/what-does-solve-do

Australian Capital Territory
Total Mobility – www.totalmobility.com.au
* Technology for Ageing & Disability – www.technicalaidact.org.au/

South Australia
* Adelaide Merchandising – www.admerch.com.au (Castors, Rollers & Miscellaneous Wheels)
* Technology for Ageing & Disability – www.tadsa.org.au/

Western Australia
* Technology for Ageing & Disability – www.tadwa.org.au/

Hiring Wheelchairs
Participants are also able to hire a wheelchair for a maximum period of three (3) months through Disability Sport & Recreation at www.dsr.org.au/adaptive-equipment-library/