BowlsLink update: Websites & Training

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Clubs that have opted into BowlsLink, the new national whole-of-sport information technology platform, are now able to request that their website be made live.

The new Memberpoint club sites, produced by BowlsLink provider Savage Bull, are being made live in batches each week until June 30, with clubs able to request that their site is launched anytime before that date.

Administrators overseeing a Club’s Memberpoint website development can contact Bowls Australia’s Training and Support Coordinator, via the details below this article, to advise that their website is ready to go live.

All sites operating through Bowls Australia’s previous supplier, SportsTG, will be transitioned to the new Memberpoint platform before June 30.

Clubs that want to create a free BowlsLink website can also contact Bowls Australia via the details below to request access to a staging-site that can be modified before going live.

The club-based Memberpoint platform was recently updated with quality of life improvements for administrators, including specific adjustments to the menu and images areas.


In partnership with the State and Territory Associations, Bowls Australia has developed a new tailor-made IT system for all levels of the sport, inclusive of a modern competition management system, a centralised connected membership database system.

Training for this system starts in Victoria in May, more details can be found below, or on our website.

Our Primary Focus

  • Ensuring the system is relevant/valid and offers utility and accessibility for all stakeholder groups.
  • Growth, adaptability/flexibility and development of the system into the future.


  • Interact with all levels of hierarchy.
  • Can communicate directly in bulk to specific group members.
  • Provide the ability to store associations/districts/zones and club locator and office bearer information which is easily accessible to the public.
  • Provide a historical record of every member‚Äôs involvement in our sport.
  • Potential signing up/log in via social media accounts.
  • Allow members registered for multiple clubs to be able to declare which club they will represent in competition.

Who do we contact for support?

Kelvin Rodgers
Training and Support Coordinator
Bowls Australia
+61 3 9480 7110