BowlsLink updates announced for April 2024

by Lachlan Williams on April 3, 2024

The latest update for BowlsLink v1.31 was performed on Monday 2nd April with twenty new features, improvements, or fixes.

Of note is the ability for Competition Administrators to add rink allocations for Competitions played as Pennant (multiple rinks) or multi-format events such as 5-a-side or 7-a-side.

A nice improvement for participants in the sport is the addition if a club locations icon in the Results Portal which has a google locator link. This would allow a user to click the location icon, which brings up google maps and then get directions to their playing venue.

Club administrators should also note BowlsLink is adopting some best practice methods around security with a move to a 1 hour time out for inactive session use. This simply means that if you have not performed any action such as a save or submit function in an hour you will be automatically logged out of BowlsLink. An admin would then need to re-login and perform a two factor authentication check to regain access.

Bowls Australia BowlsLink Manager Aaron Delaporte has released a video below which highlights these and some of the other more important changes to the National Technology Platform.

Note: If you are having trouble viewing any BowlsLink content (or getting a white/black screen) use CONTROL+R to refresh your screen, otherwise email

For any further queries on this release please contact Aaron Delaporte, BowlsLink Manager at


Release Notes – BowlsLink v1.31

  • Change member invite to use account e-mail address (Key Details).
  • Improve User Interface responsiveness for mobile devices for member context.
  • Add support for multiple rinks per match for sides.
  • Update match and broadcast-schedule displays to handle new locations data. (Results Portal) For Multi Rinks.
  • Improve error feedback when uploading fixture templates. More specific error message.
  • Add support for attaching images to competition add-ons.
  • Add support for users to purchase multiple quantities of competition add-ons.
  • Always include ‘series’ column when exporting results. Consistency across competitions with or without finals series.
  • Improve session management: auto sign-out after 1 hour of inactivity.
  • Integrate Google Maps with a match’s location. (Results Portal)
  • Mapped byes tab not appearing. Fixed.
  • Preferred name not appearing in club member report and key details report. Fixed.
  • Screen freezes on loading when editing profile under the context of non-club member. Fixed.
  • Details pod on entry dash freezes on loading for some users. Fixed.
  • Dependent fixtures with a mapped bye failing to have sourced opponent populated. Fixed.
  • Member details form not accepting valid mobile number. Fixed.
  • Club position dates not being converted to UTC before being saved. Fixed.
  • Entry/player metadata (additional details) no longer showing on entry dashboard. Fixed.
  • Error when sending member invite not being displayed to end user. Fixed.
  • Matches with dates but no times fail to show any date/time information. Fixed. (Results Portal)