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Each year hundreds of millions of dollars are given in grants funding for all sorts of projects and for all sorts of groups, including many Australian bowling clubs and sports-related projects.

Grants are a source of money that can enable your club to tackle projects, renovations or events that may not have been possible if you were relying on the usual methods of fundraising.

It is not just the dollars that benefit the club; grants can provide an endorsement of what your club is doing, and that itself can bring wider recognition, publicity and support.

It can also provide an important morale-booster to all within your club involved in the funded project.

Grants Funding Guide


Sponsorships and partnerships

Sponsorships and Partnerships are a two way street.

There are many reasons why sponsors may wish to be involved with a Club, from goodwill gestures to solid business plans and reasons.

Clubs are always on the lookout for sponsors to help support the club, help stage events, or to engage them and promote the club amongst the business community.

In engaging with a potential sponsor or partner, it is very important for the Club to consider why the business would want to be involved with the Club.

This can greatly affect the style of approach that needs to be made to the business to convince them to get on board.

Sponsorships And Partnerships Overview

Sponsorship Packages Example

Club Sponsors Recognition Flyer

Sponsorship Categories

Letter of support request

If your club requires a Letter of Support from Bowls Australia for any grant applications please submit the form by clicking here. By submitting this request we kindly ask to be kept up to date regarding the outcome of the application and project developments as appropriate.

Key considerations into submitting the form

  1. Allow a 10 day timeframe for letters to be complete. Any requests put in outside this timeframe may not be completed by the requested date or at all.
  2. BA will endeavour to write the letters before the date requested, but sometimes this is not possible and we will get to them before the grant closes
  3. Provide as much information as possible, the more information provided the better it is.
  4. Once the letter is complete we will send it to the clubs relevant RBM to forward to the club.

Any questions please contact or 0394807100


Bowls Disaster Relief Fund

With the harsh conditions of the Australian landscape, natural disasters such as floods and fires can ravish and affect areas across the country in a short space of time, but just like the Australian ethos of looking after our mates, the lawn bowls fraternity will stand united in its support for bowling clubs and communities affected by tragic events through the Disaster Relief Fund initiative.

Bowls Disaster Relief Fund

Australian Bowls Foundation

Bowls Australia established the Australian Bowls Foundation to provide funding to affiliated clubs for programs that contribute towards the ongoing development and promotion of bowls, including practices that lead to active participation and involvement of new participants.

Australian Bowls Foundation

Fundraising Ideas for Clubs